The Three

In my first post, I mentioned my three children in passing. For privacy reasons, I won’t be using their real or full names on here-but nicknames just for them.

My daughter, Els, who is almost five is the oldest. She’s the light in our day and is such a wise soul.

E.W. is our middle child. At three, he is so empathetic and thoughtful of others.

I-man is our youngest. Only one, his smile will brighten anyone’s day.

As a SAHM I get to spend a lot of time with the children. Some days we have a blast, others I wonder how I made it through the day without myself pounding my head off the wall in exasperation. It’s funny how people like to paint the picture of perfection, and expect others to do so also. I’ve never been so good at that…It’s like keeping my mouth shut when something bothers me. Although I’m learning that skill-it’s not one so easily done.

Today for instance…E.W. had a HORRIBLE day. If you have read my original post-you’ll see that we have our obstacles there. but it can be hard to handle the screaming in anger and lashing out that happens sometimes. If I were to say it was all roses-I’d be lying. I actually sent him to bed for a nap and hid in my room until he calmed down. It’s not my finest moment by far. As he came down the hall and snuggled me in my bed, I couldn’t help but feel that twinge of guilt as I stared into his piercing blue eyes as they stared back in mine.

Els’ day was okay. Peanut was sick today. Her poor tummy was off. I tend to be harder on her. I try not to be, but as her brothers copy her, I have such a hard time not holding her to a higher standard. But she’s just a little girl, just like they’re little boys. I understand I’m to raise her in the way she should go and “spare not the rod” so to speak-but she is still a child and it is healthy for her to be a child. I’m working hard to remember that the things she’s doing are normal-and yelling isn’t necessary. She understands when I speak the truth in love.

I-man was a sleepy bear today. He was a snuggly, sweet sleepy bear. With all the eating he’s done lately, I’m not surprised. Baby boy is bound to grow soon. And with six more teeth coming in all at once-I know I’d rather sleep too! He keeps me smiling-even on the longest, hardest days. One look at his sweet, always smiling (almost) face just brightens my day.

Tomorrow, I hope it will go much smoother. We have school to do and a tire to get. Books to read, and snowmen to make. (Maybe I’ll even show you!) We make our Christmas surprise tomorrow too-and paint it next week (just in time for Christmas!). We are close to a new year and many new changes. Soon I’ll share my resolutions, and maybe you’ll share yours with me too. Who knows, maybe we’ll even inspire each other to keep going-to reach our goals. Until then, I’m off to bed. Good night and God bless!



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