Mama Needs her Rest

I got lucky with Els-she was my easy child. (WAS, as in the past! lol) She slept through the night at two weeks, obeyed the first time, and has always been a good listener. E.W. and I-man on the other hand, still don’t sleep through the night, give me a sly grin when told to do something, and often pretend they can’t hear me.

Now, with all three having a rough time in the listening department, I’m struggling to keep it together. Not that I’m losing it or anything-I’m just at a loss. Seems like someone came in during the night and stole my angels away and replaced them with their not so wonderful counterparts. I do my best to give them the guidance they need-but I find myself yelling more than I’d like to admit. đŸ˜¦

Today wasn’t so bad-the kids actually behaved pretty well; but after three days of “fighting” with them to behave and three sleepless nights, it was still hard to get through. I think this mama just needs her rest.

As I write this I see the time is nearing 1am-and I am no closer to bed than I was at 9pm. The boys are awake and though they are being good-I find myself agitated from being so tired. I know it’s just my flesh speaking-but sometimes, all should admit, it’s hard to resist succumbing to it. You see, I haven’t gotten to bed before 2am in over two weeks. Each night I get the kids to bed, they fall asleep rather quickly, and I wind down for bed. My husband gets up for work (or just gets ready) and I-man makes his first appearance. On a lucky night he goes right back to sleep after a few snuggles and a snack. But on most nights, he plays until he can barely keep his eyes open. (say, like, 12!)

I finally get him off to sleep and who should  appear? But my sweet, loving EW looking for an evening snuggle. Again, on a good night, he’ll snuggle and go back to bed. But on most nights, he stays up til one when I finally convince him to lay in my bed. At which time he wakes up the sleeping I-man who is up again until two-two thirty….

You’d think I’d get used to it, but six or seven comes mighty early in the morning! Then, when I think I may be getting some sleep finally, my beautiful daughter Els gets up and joins me too. That’s three of us, in my dinky full sized bed. It’s not so small when it’s just me, but throw in a couple of bed hogs, and it’s practically a toddler bed.

Don’t confuse this as me saying I don’t like their snuggles-in fact-I love them. But I do like my sleep. And as I look over at my precious EW sleeping on the couch (he crashed there tonight!) and I-man playing next to me, I see he’s getting tired. So I must cut this commentary short and put him to bed in hopes he will sleep soon.

Because, without a doubt, this Mama needs her rest!

God bless!



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