Resolutions-Take 2

Okay, so got an entire post written and managed to lose the whole thing right before posting…So, due to the time, I am going to say the same things, but in the shorter more paraphrased way.  🙂

As the New year is upon us, in 5 days to be exact, I have spent a lot of time thinking of Resolutions and failure. The creating of a resolution gives the feeling of a promise to self (and sometimes others) and when we fail to meet our resolutions before the next year as often can happen, we are left with a feeling of failure and sometimes a large dose of guilt. To keep it short, I will just point out that without goals, we rarely will accomplish anything and when we make them, it is best not to hold ourselves to a standard that we would not hold others.

If you create a resolution, say, to lose 50 pounds in the year, but only lose ten-celebrate the 10! Yahoo-you did a great job! And know, that with each “failure” you are one (or five or more) steps closer to success! It isn’t the failing to accomplish a goal that defines an unfinished goal as failure, but whether we get back up and try again or sit and whine about how hard it is to do. It is not failure to not accomplish something in your own timeline when you understand that sometimes our timelines and goals are not realistic for ourselves.

For example-last year I had a goal to lose 70lbs by 2014-well, unless I lose 60lbs this week-it is not going to happen! I was able to lose ten pounds this year, then neither gain or lose weight since doing so. When first contemplating my goals and what I actually accomplished-I suddenly felt guilty for not doing more! But then it occurred to me that if my best friend had made the same goal and lost the same amount of weight- I would have told her she looked great, had done an amazing job, and to just keep chugging and put it on her list of resolutions again this year. So why do I hold myself to a different standard? Why do I not “pat myself on the back” and say “Well done-keep on going” ? So this year, a resolution I have for myself is to understand we all have limits, and to try and treat myself fairly and hold myself to the same standards I hold my closest friends. I don’t have to be perfect to be perfectly me!

So, for the year of 2014 here are my resolutions. Feel free to hold me accountable, I will post on them every once in a while. And feel free to comment yours below and I will help you if I can or keep you accountable if you want. Here is to a Happy and Blessed 2014!

Sarah’s 2014 Resolutions

1. Lose 60 pounds.

2. Spend more time with the kids, not cleaning up after them. (sometimes caring for them, means going outside and getting dirty with them!)

3. Read through the Bible in a Year. (in 26 years I have yet to accomplish this!)

4. Treat myself more fairly.

5. Study the Biblical definition of Love and live it.

6. Re-establish my Premier Designs business (again!-Yes, I fail a lot on this one!) and help our family be more financially sound.

7. Find new ways to serve others and do so.

Those are my resolutions-feel free to share yours!

God bless,


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