Birthday cakes and Library Books

People often wonder what I do as a SAHM. Honestly,  I could take the time to give you an endless list of things I (and other moms like me) do. Instead, I’m going to give you a look into my tomorrow (pending weather). I will leave you to judge if I do an honest days work or not.

Feel free to leave your opinion or response in the comments below – would love to hear from you!  (But please – keep it clean and check the profanity or I will delete comments!)

So, tomorrow at the stroke of four my middle son E.W. will emerge from his room and join me in bed. A short thirty (hopefully forty!) minutes later his brother I-man will wake up wanting a very early morning snack. He’ll doze back off (hopefully) and an hour later Els will come out ready to start the day. Yes, I will roll over and cover my face with my blanket in protest!

We’ll get up and immediately I’ll have three adorable faces staring at me asking for their morning meal. Maybe we’ll have eggs or oatmeal. Who knows,  I like to wing it sometimes…keep things interesting. While they eat I’ll carefully find each one an outfit for the day (sometimes we have pj days – tomorrow isn’t one of them….) and then work on the dishes from the last night’s dinner.

One by one they’ll finish and we will prepare for the day. Change clothes, pick up toys, and wash face and hands. At about 10 all these things will be done and we will begin our school day.

Reading, writing, math, crafts, songs, and Bible lessons. I enjoy each one almost as much as the other. We begin with a song/poem, and move on to phonics and math. We’ll do crafts and read and end with our Bible lesson and verse for the week. About 3 hours after we began we will finish.

Tomorrow is library day. It’s one of Els’ favorite things. But she’ll have to wait tomorrow, it’s also food bank day. We go once a month. I’d like to say to help,  but for now it is to be helped.  We are able to get about a weeks worth of food, sometimes more.  It isn’t our favorite thing to do, but one day when we are back on track, I would like to get myself and the kids involved and pay it forward. Anyways, that’s at one, so once we are done,  we will be off to the library.

Normally we head off to Endicott, but since we’ll already be near Lisle, we’ll probably go there or WP. Els and E.W. alike love to pick out books. We gather books for the next two units and the kids pick out a few more to read (let’s just say we fill like two HUGE bags full).

We’ll sit and read for an hour straight, and when we leave they’ll be begging to stay. I may deal with a tantrum on the way out (E.W) and answer endless times if we can “go back tomorrow” or if we can read when we get home….(Els)

It’ll be a late lunch tomorrow.  Maybe an early one. Depends on how the day goes. We’ll see I guess. Peanut butter and jelly is always a hit here.  And, DH bought a TON of bananas (reminding me of why NOT to send him grocery shopping haha), so we can have some with lunch-yum.

We’ll be home by four and dinner will immediately get under way.  I still don’t know what we’re having – it’ll be a surprise I guess. While that is on its way, Els and I will begin a special homemade chocolate cake for DH. It’s his birthday after all! We’ll also make him cards,  it’ll be another small birthday for him this year.

We’ll eat our supper and give Daddy his cards and cake. The night will begin to wind down with Netflix and washing dishes. Once the kids are off to bed and sleeping, the real work will begin.

It’s that time of year for organizing and cleaning out here.  That means organizing rooms,  getting rid of unused stuff or junk, and going through toys and clothes. Tomorrow will be my first day working on it since I got sick.

I’ll finish cleaning the bathroom,  clean off the counter tops, and organize the cupboards. Around 12 I-man will awake for an evening feeding (boy I hope he sleeps through soon so 12 is a choice!), and by 1 I will finally make it to bed to rest for another day, different than the day before, but somehow just as busy.

I enjoy these days.  Things get done,  but I get to spend so much time with my little loves ❤ Tomorrow will be especially nice because I get to celebrate another year of DH’s life with him and hopefully make him feel extra loved and appreciated.

I know my day sounds boring and mudane. But it makes me happy. Spending time with my babies, reading books at the library, baking, and celebrating birthdays. Nothing better.

And right now,  I have a sweet, but unhappy 3 year old E.W. who would like to snuggle for a few moments before he goes back to sleep.  So off for now. Have blessed nights and an even more blessed tomorrow!



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