Tone Body Wash


I recently received some Tone Body Wash from BzzAgent to try and share my experiences and thoughts on. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical that it would truly be moisturizing since I have tried a TON of other body washed that claim to be moisturizing from Dove to Caress and none have been able to pull through as promised.

I honestly believed this would be a body wash like all the others that cost big $$ without the Results. Boy was I WRONG!! Before ever trying it, I did my research. I got online and found out it only costs about $2.97 at most stores that carry it. (The most I found it at any given store was $3) Well, that was nice-once I was done with this bottle, if I liked it, I wouldn’t be breaking the bank to get more. Then I found out that Tone Body washes are made with spa-inspired ingredients like cocoa butter, white clay, and alpha-hydroxy fruit acids that help keep your skin moisturized and nourished each and every day. It was starting to grow on me-and being as picky as I am-I was a little surprised.

After two days of reading reviews, googling up anything and everything I could about Tone body wash, and reading the ingredients in the bottle, I finally tried it.   I was impressed to say the least. It had such a rich lather. Other body washes claim to have rich lathers and I have yet to find a body wash that provides as rich a lather as Tone body wash did using as little body wash as I did. I was able to use about a quarter size amount on my luffa and it was enough to provide a rich, creamy, thick lather that covered my whole body. I never had to re-wet the luffa or add any wash in order to get the lather I wanted. It rinsed off with ease and left my skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized when I was done. I was impressed that I did not feel dry after my shower as with other “moisturizing” body washes-some being the big, expensive brands.

After using it for three days it had completely gotten rid of my dry elbows and knees, which really plague me this time of year. (and can be very painful when wearing pants/long sleeves) I did not use lotion during the first days of using Tone body wash in order to see if it was a moisturizing as it claimed and to see how it left my skin feeling without other products interfering. I have used extra strength, and prescription, lotions on my elbows this time of year to get rid of the dry and cracking, and none of them have worked, so when this did I was excited to share it! Even my DH has noticed how soft Tone has left me and has made any excuse possible to touch my arm or back etc just so he can feel my soft skin. (side note: it was fun at first, now it’s getting irritating, so if you don’t want to be touched every three seconds-this is NOT the body wash for you! 😉 )

As a note, I was specifically using  (well am using) Tone Petal Soft with Pink Peony and Rose Oil body wash. I really liked the smell as well as the results. It has a fresh flowery scent that smells nice as you are using it, but doesn’t leave a harsh or overbearing scent after your shower so you can still mix other scents and lotions later without smelling like a weird mix of scents. They all contain the same “spa ingredients” in them, so no matter what scent you get, you will get the same moisturizing affects as I have with Petal soft. I really recommend this wash, especially this time of year as it is cold and dry and those put together can really suck the moisture right out of your skin. If body wash isn’t for you they also offer bar soaps and they have matching hand soaps as well-so that is really awesome. 🙂

Anyways, that is all I really had to tell you about Tone Body wash, if you want to know more about  it, feel free to ask me a question in the comments below or use my contact form and I will email you back shortly, or you can visit: or  I hope you enjoyed this review and I look forward to sharing with you in the future!

More Info:

Tone® moisturizing body washes are made with spa-inspired ingredients that transport you beyond your shower with invigorating scents, leaving you with irresistibly soft skin. You’ll fall in love with the naturally smooth feel after the first wash, while you indulge in intoxicating aromas from the whole line:

  • New! Petal Soft with Pink Peony & Rose Oil
  • Mango Splash with Cocoa Butter
  • Daily Detox with White Clay & Pink Jasmine
  • Soothing Oatmeal with Shea Butter
  • Ocean Therapy with Deep Sea Extracts & Pearl Essence
  • Fruit Peel® with Alpha-Hydroxy Fruit Acids

God bless!!


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