108 and Feeling Great

I promised weekly updates, so here goes… Sorry for being two days behind. 😉

I am super excited to share. Not because I am losing 10 pounds a week or because I am looking my best-but because I am excited to see the changes I’m making and have made and the results of those changes. I’m going to start with the goals and how I did, then go more into it. (or some of it 😉 )

Goal 1: Eat More Green-This week, I tried, but gotta admit, I went more LESS than Green.

     I did attempt to add more veggies to our meals and snack on veggies more than chips or cookies; but observationally looking back on the week, I ended up just snacking less and eating less at meals. I don’t know if it had to do with my progress in Goal 4 (more in a minute) or more to do with self control. (I actually hope both!)

Goal 2: Work out (or walk/run) for 20 minutes a day.

     Although I did not meet this goal, I did make steps in the right direction. I have found an awesome new work out DVD called Shazzy Fitness. It’s a great workout program that offers fast 10 minute work outs (making less chance of excuse on my part!). I still didn’t do it every day, but I did do it five out of seven days. It is a ton of fun and I am hoping to add back some of my usual workouts and some running in there now that it’s starting to warm up. (yes, I am a super wimp-I admit it!)  I’ll be sharing more about Shazzy Fitness with you soon!

Goal 3: Drink a cup of Green Tea a day.

     This one, I have changed a little bit. (they’re my goals-that’s the beauty of it!) Instead of focusing on just Green tea, or Black tea, even white tea; after looking up the benefits of tea (hot) I have found they all offer a lot of the same benefits but caffeine content is different between the types. (Black has some of the highest counts and then Green) I have decided that instead of drinking tea every day as a rule, that it would be more beneficial to drink tea instead of coffee at least five days out of seven (I love my coffee, so trying not to completely delete it all at once-just turning it into a treat).

I also have been trading out a “midnight snack” with decaf tea. I have really liked it because I have found my energy levels are more steady throughout the day with tea (no crash mid day) and at night when I drink tea opposed to eating a snack I was more relaxed and of course hydrated, before bed and slept better than if I had just snacked before bed.

Goal 4: Drink more water.

    I am up to six cups of water and two cups of tea a day (that counts as water, right? lol) so I’m on track to meet that goal soon. I am not a very good water drinker, so I’ve been adding more a little bit each day so that I can catch the habit. It seems to be working. I have felt better over all and am snacking/eating less and I believe it is in part to not being so thirsty all the time. (Mama always told me that if I didn’t drink enough, my body could be tricked to feel hungry….Looks like Mama was right ;p)

Goal 5: Lose 1.5-2.5 lbs a week.

    I am extremely excited about this one, because I actually met my goal this week. Last week I was weighing in at 210.6 pounds, I am now 208.2. Got on the scale and saw that and couldn’t help but do a happy dance! I haven’t been under 210 since having I-man. This is a huge step for me-and I am looking forward to the next steps forward.

Before I close, I am going to present something that isn’t a new idea, but I’ve been thinking, it’s a great one. There are so many ways to keep track of what we eat-but one I’ve been seeing keeps me most on track, is simply putting it on paper myself. Sure there are awesome ways to do that online or with my phone-but I don’t feel so accountable to my computer or phone. But when I take pen, and write on paper what I have put in my mouth and swallowed in a day, it really makes me have to think. It works great with water consumption and exercise too. Having that piece of paper right in front of me to look at has really been a good kick in the behind.

What are your thoughts on that? What makes you feel more accountable or what tricks to staying on track do you have? Comment below-I would love to hear from you!

Til next week, stay on track, eat healthy , and be well!



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