The House of St. Barnabas~London


Recently I stumbled upon an organization that helps the homeless people of London get back into working through their employment academy.

Some of you who know me well know I have a heart for the homeless. I wish I could take them all in and help them with their needs and prepare them to go into the world with a steady job, roof over their heads, and all the tools to stay on track. Someday, I believe I will be able to do that, but for now, I will align with and show support for organizations that do that already and do it effectively.

One such place is The House of St. Barnabas in London, England. Founded in 1846 as a house of charity by Henry Monroe, Roundel Palmer and friends, a house that once served as a hostel now serves as an integrated Employment Academy that supports the original objective of helping individuals through personal work.

It is now a not-for-profit Private member’s Club that offers integrated on-site training that offers experience to those affected by homelessness. The membership fees and donations support the charity’s work. The club house in the historic suite of rooms of the House of St. Barnabas is an engaging, innovative space where people can meet, connect, and exchange and realize ideas. 0.The membership is a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, social innovators, and creatives where St. Barnabas’ goal is to work together to close the gap on social and cultural exclusion.

Here is Maj’s Story.

They conduct a 12 week program that teaches Hospitality skills, Employment skills, Personal development, and provide work experience. Not only that, but they offer Post Program support to help ensure each person who comes through their academy has the tools and ability to stay on track. In addition to a 12 week program and post program support, they also pair academy graduates up with mentors to help keep accountability, provide support and motivation, empower graduates to make their own decisions, and to take responsibility for their actions and development.

Anyways, the whole point behind my post, is to let you all know that recently (March 31) they launched their first online campaign to raise money in order to change the lives of 25 of London’s homeless this spring. Their goal is to get 15,000 people (or more!) to donate £5 (or roughly $8 US) to the House of St. Barnabas to help cover the cost of putting 25 homeless through the academy and changing their lives forever.

Hear John’s Story here and how House of St. Barnabas was able to help him, and what you can do to help.



What can you do?


Change a life with @HoStBarnabas by donating £5 (just over $8 US). If you haven’t watched John’s Journey yet, check it out now at


Help change someone’s life for the better. Share John’s Story on your Facebook page. If 15,000 people share £5, enough money will be raised to help transform 25 more lives. Text John20 £5 to 70070 to donate £5 (about $8 US)

Donate: visit- or Text: ‘John20 £5′ to 70070

*It costs roughly £3000 to take one participant through the employment preparation program (That’s about 5031 US Dollars!), and £10,000 for 10 years of training, coaching and bursaries. (That’s $16,771!)


For more information on The House of Barnabas, you can visit:

“A brilliant new way to tackle the issue of homelessness.”  ~Jarvis Cocker



I encourage you to consider giving and help transform lives.

God Bless,







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