Face Lift in a Bottle

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.


First of all: What are Phytocermides?

Ceramides are lipids found in the skin  that maintain proper hydration. They prevent sagging and wrinkles from occurring, but as we age, the amount of ceramides found naturally in the skin decreases, which can lead to those wrinkles as well as  dry skin. Phytoceramides come from plants such as sweet potatoes, rice and wheat, and the lipids found in these plant oils are actually identical to those found in the skin’s membrane, allowing them to mimic their actions.

According to research, phytoceramides can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. They do this by working deep within the skin’s structure, helping to moisturize the skin and “plump” it up for a smoother texture. Most products  are applied topically, but  phytoceramides work so well  because they’re taken orally and enter the bloodstream, allowing them to improve not just the skin on your face, but on your entire body. Regular use can help the skin retain more moisture to reduce itching and inflammation while plumping the surface for a smooth complexion.


What do Phytoceramides do?

– Phytoceramides keep one’s skin area moist and supple.
– It controls cells’ lifestyles, providing signals when cells ought to die. This ensures maximum benefits from cell features.
– Phytoceramides are beneficial not just for one’s skin area but in addition for one’s head of hair. It is like hitting two wild birds with a single rock!
– Phytoceramides consists of nothing but all-natural products so it does not aggravate skin and is also assured safe for anyone.
– It is really an ideal product for those who need additional dampness for their skin like people who are afflicted by cancer, eczema, or skin psoriasis.


How to take Phytoceramides:

The daily recommended dose by many healthcare professionals is 350 mg. It may take up to a month to start seeing results using Phytoceramides.

While these types of products have been proven safe by the FDA, anyone who has a gluten allergy is cautioned against trying them, since many are produced from wheat. If you have a gluten allergy or sensitivity, look for a phytoceramide supplement produced from either rice or sweet potatoes exclusively.

To boost your results, the doctors recommended adding a topical Vitamin C Serum to your beauty regimen. Vitamin C helps even skin tone as a powerful antioxidant and boosts collagen production to fight wrinkles. You can look through my past posts to read about some great Vitamin C Serum Options.  Make sure it comes in a tightly sealed, opaque package to prevent oxidation from the sunlight and is at least 15% to 20% Vitamin C to get the best results.


How to Choose a Phytoceramide:

  1. Make sure it is a high quality and  all natural
  2. Optional: Be sure they are Gluten & wheat free
  3. Preferably purchase phytoceramides with vitamins A, E, C, and D
  4. Phytoceramides made with wheat should be 350mg and those made with rice should be 40mg or higher. (they are proven in studies to be equally as effective)
  5. Make sure it had a money back guarantee


I recommend InstaNaturals Phytoceramides. I have been using these for about a month and am now starting to see results. As recommended, I have been using a serum with them.  Just as I added lipids to my skin when using TrueLipids (topical ointment) I have been adding lipids to my skin from the inside out. My skin is more healthy, moisturized, and soft and smooth. My skin has begun to feel tighter and more supple. I have even recently had a few people say they didn’t recognize me at first because I look younger than before. The compliments keep coming-and for once-I don’t feel bad taking it, because I feel it.

It’s given me the confidence to go out with no make up without feeling “naked” or grubby because I know that my skin is healthier and more radiant. It is all I have needed for that extra boost in confidence. Of course, I know beauty is not what is on the outside, and no matter what I do, eventually I will age, both in looks and in years, but knowing I have InstaNaturals Phytoceramides on my side building up my ceramides and lipids while I go about my day.

InstaNaturals not only makes me feel good, look more youthful, and provide me with plentiful compliments, it is made all natural, is gluten free and wheat free (made with rice!), contains vitamins A, E, C, and D, and offers a 100 day 100% guarantee. It’s a once daily supplement and really yields results. It’s also extremely affordable at $18.49 for a thirty day supply.  Other comparable Phytoceramides cost closer to $30 and can cost upwards of $240+!  InstaNaturals Phytoceramides is truly a great value for the price.


Product Description:

InstaNatural Phytoceramides: Nature’s Gift for Healthy Skin.


InstaNatural Phytoceramides is UNIQUE and EFFECTIVE….Why?

• Contains Ceramide PCD – a registered trademark of Oryza® , proven as the most effective from phytoceramides
• Ceramide – PCD are naturally rich in deep skin moisturizing and melanin inhibiting agents. They play a key role in healthy looking skin.
• Derived from plant, 100% gluten free and wheat free.
• Loaded with daily dose of powerful antioxidants in form of Vitamin A, C, D and E.

Give your skin everything it needs with InstaNatural Phytoceramides…

• Restores the natural ceramides lost with age.
• Moisturizes skin from deep inside
• Improves skin from inside out

100% 100-Days Satisfaction Guarantee! If you’re not completely satisfied, its on us. Just send it back for a refund.


As Seen on the Dr Oz Show:


Where to Buy: 




I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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