Night Rider

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 This one is for the bike riders out there. We all know it-riding bike can be dangerous any time of day-dawn, mid-morning, noon, afternoon, evening. It doesn’t matter, accidents happen and there is no avoiding the inevitable. Of course, those of us who ride bikes know that what I just said isn’t exactly the case.  We check our bikes before we ride to make sure we have the right tire pressure, our bike belt is in tact, our brakes are well padded, and seat/handle bars well adjusted. We wear reflective vests so oncoming traffic can see us. We wear helmets, so if we take a tumble our heads are protected. We wear gloves to save our hands from blisters and the right clothes to keep us from getting wind burn. Some of us even where protective padding and use a light during the day to keep our bikes more visible and noticeable.

But what do we do at night? On top of all these safety precautions, what can we do to ensure our safety at night? Do we just sit home and leave the bike on the rack to use during the day? I vote no. I say we take a stand and show ourselves, and our bikes, that we CAN safely ride at night.



And how,  do we successfully do that?  Here, I will give a few simple steps we all can take to make sure we are getting the safest night ride experience available. Don’t consider this a “how to” post, but instead on bike rider to another discussing the steps we can take to ensure the best riding experience for ourselves and those around us.

  1. Just as you would before riding during the day, it is important no matter when you trek off to ride, you take a few moments to make sure your bike is in safe riding order. Check your brake pads, and change them if needed, make sure your tire pressure is good, adjust your seat and handle bars, are your gears moving smoothly and your chain well oiled? If all these things check out, your bike is almost ready to ride.
  2. I say almost ready, because once your bike is in good riding order, if you haven’t already, it is best to add reflectors to your bike to make it more visible to passersby. The reflectors ensure drivers will be able to easily spot bike riders because of the reflection of their headlights. The best place to put them is  on the front and back wheels attached to the spokes and on the front and back of the frame.
  3. ALWAYS wear a helmet. Helmet laws vary by state, but no matter the state law, it is the safest choice to wear a helmet. Head injuries are nearly always fatal when talking about bike and motorcycle accidents. All bike riders need a properly fitting helmet to protect their head.
  4. Wear light colored clothing and a reflective coat or vest. Just as during the day, those on bikes can be difficult to see, especially for a driver who may not be paying close attention. Light colored clothing and reflective wear make us easier to see and draw attention to us if we have to say, stop to fix a tire or readjust our seat.
  5. Follow all traffic laws. Although not the most talked about, traffic laws apply not only to motor vehicles, but also to bike riders and pedestrians alike. For example, pedestrians are encouraged to walk opposite oncoming traffic in order to be more visible, while bike riders are encouraged to ride on the same side of the street going with the flow of traffic.  At one time, people were afraid of being hit from behind and rode going the opposite direction, unfortunately, it was the cause of more accidents because bikers were now put in a situation where if there is no shoulder they could be forced onto the road riding right into a head on collision with oncoming traffic. Bike riders are supposed to ride with traffic and to ride in the lane enough to prevent cars from trying to ride next to them.
  6. Hand signals. If you don’t already know them-learn them. And the sooner the better. Nothing makes an accident more likely than a rider who doesn’t use hand signals and instead rides right into traffic or takes a quick turn with no warning to those driving around them. This is a great skill to teach our children when they are first beginning to ride as a safety precaution.A left turn is signaled by holding your left arm straight out. A right turn is signaled with your left arm bent upwards at a ninety degree angle. To let drivers know that you are stopping, bend your left arm downwards at a ninety degree angle.
  7. Carry a tool kit with you. Many bikes come with basic tool kits. You might need to add a few things but your tool kit needs to contain items to get you going again to reach an area where you can get help. Become familiar with the tools and how to use them before your first ride. Remember to be safe when you set out on your first bike ride at night. You want to have an enjoyable time away from danger.
  8. This last one  is probably the most key when riding at night. You want to have a good, reliable Headlight and also a tail light.  The Lumenx Mountable Bicycle Light is a multi-use, adjustable headlight/flashlight that also comes with a tail light that can either be used at a “straight light” or blink for higher visibility from behind.

The importance of a good light can not be over looked. It not only will allow you to be more visible by oncoming traffic, but it will also allow you to see better and further in order to have the most comfortable ride possible.  A great light not only keeps the road lit for travel or make us visible to oncoming traffic, it allows a rider to see road conditions, oncoming obstacles from pedestrians, oncoming traffic, animals, and other bike riders. It provides a biker rider more reaction time and a safer ride. A good strong LED light will provide greater visibility on darker nights and may be the only steady light available to a rider, especially on country or back roads. A good bike light, also functions as a detachable headlight making it easier to fix a flat or make adjustments at night, or even take a break without needing to fumble around or do it in the dark.












The Lumenx Mountable Bicycle Light is a light that surpasses all others.  It is super bright and adjusts to be longer or shorter for better range of vision. It can also some out of it’s mount to be used as a flashlight which comes in handy in a pinch if anything were to happen during a ride. It comes with a rear light that shines a deep red almost as bright as the headlight itself.





It is the easiest bike light to install, and because it comes on and off with ease, if you live in an area where you need to worry if it will still be there in the morning, you can remove it and put it back on when you next ride easily. It takes no tools to install and goes on so snugly there is no doubt it will stay firmly in place throughout the entire ride.  To install, just slide over the front bar and tighten. Perfect fit every time.



It’s removable, adjustable feature makes it the best light for any time. It can magnify up to 500 feet and has 1x-2000x zoom. It can also flash, just as the rear light offering an extra amount of security to those who ride in both low and high traffic areas. It is really effective and super bright. So bright, in fact, I couldn’t get a good picture of it lit because it dimmed out all the pictures I took, even in manual mode.


Don’t  let the fact it’s removable fool you. It fits snugly in the ‘holster’ and doesn’t jostle or wiggle around in it at all. It is as secure as can be.  I expected it to fall out easily or be difficult to fit on my handle bar and in it’s holster in a way that didn’t rattle or jostle around. To my pleasant surprise, it fit great and didn’t jostle at all. It fit comfortably in every way.  It slid easily onto my bars and the light slid easily into the holder. Another great feature is it’s water proof. That makes it the perfect light to use even if it starts to rain mid-ride or unexpectedly.

This is the perfect light for anyone who rides, day or night, because with it’s flashing abilities it will bring an extra sense of security and grab drivers attention to the fact that you are on the road with them. With as bright as it is it will light the darkest night in a way that you can feel safe riding at night knowing drivers can see you, and you can see everything around you keeping you safe from harm.

With the Lumenx Mountable Bike Light, you will not only have the joy of feeling safe, you will have the freedom to ride when ever you want to. Be it night or day, rain or shine.





Product Description: 


  • BEST VALUE LED BIKE LIGHT ON AMAZON!! -If you want a quality bike light instead of buying a flashlight or other cheap bike light that’ll probably get broken or stolen…Give our ultra-powerful portable 2-in-1 portable bicycle light a try today! NEVER ride blind again!
  • EAST TO INSTALL & REMOVAL WITH NO TOOLS! – Our Lumenx mountable bicycle light installs in 30 seconds! Unless you enjoy having to battle with ridiculous parts to try to install yourself (or trust that your light won’t get stolen if you leave it on)…then you should give this product a try. Our light is the SMART solution!
  • PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR KIDS – Lumenx offers an ultra-bright, waterproof LED light that will shine up to 500 feet, effectively lighting up your path every time! Other bike lights won’t shine nearly as bright or give you the protection of ours. Give it a try today risk free!
  • BEST VALUE (2-IN-1 MOUNTABLE BICYCLE LIGHT PLUS FREE GIFT) FOR YOUR MONEY – Best quality LED bike mounts, plus FREE taillight, for competitive price. You CAN’T beat this deal! You’re getting 2 for the price of 1! Plus, all orders over $35 get FREE Shipping & Taillight on EVERY order! ADD TO CART NOW!
  • BRIGHTEN PATH & IMPROVE SAFETY OR YOUR MONEY BACK! – If Lumenx mountable bicycle light doesn’t brighten your path, increase your visibility, and improve your safety with our highest quality LED bike light…We’ll give you a full refund.

Lumenx offers the BEST quality LED Bicycle light on Amazon. Now available with a FREE EZ Grip rear tail light! ($15 value. Limited supplies. BUY TODAY. 100% Money Back Guaranteed.

– Portable and easy to install, no tools required
– Durable military grade aluminum
– Waterproof with advanced “O” ring seal
– Convenient safety features

Advanced Focusing Lens design

Lumenx uses only LEDs that are shockproof with a higher light output and life span than competitive incandescent bulbs.

– Bright CREE Q5 bulb
– Up to 500 Feet light visibility
– 1X – 2000X zoom and flash mode

Commitment to Quality

Our mountable bicycle light is guaranteed to be made of the highest quality materials and gives you the highest safety and security possible.
Lumenx is dedicated to highest level of quality in compliance with ANAI (American National Standards Institute) industry standards for the flashlight category.
Lumenx looks for ways to provide consumers with the best light solutions possible. ANSI Standards help measure these types of qualities and much more so that consumers can make better buying decisions.

Your purchase is backed by our no hassle, 2 year money back guarantee.



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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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