Heart Health the Easy Way

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The heart is a complicated thing. More often than not, we hear that as a statement about feelings. Today, I say that as a general fact. The heart truly is a complicated thing. Without the heart,  an organ no larger than our fist, we would cease to exist. It feeds blood to every major organ in our bodies, bringing us the life we live each day when we wake up and go.  Because this small organ is so important, it is also vitally important we take care of it.

So-how do we take care of an organ we can’t even see? What steps can we take to maintain our heart health and overall well being? It’s actually super easy. To take care of our hearts we can follow a few simple steps.

  1. Eat healthy.  When we eat healthy, filling up on fruits, veggies, and healthy grains we are not only feeding our bodies and minds, but also our heart. Our heart needs to be well taken care of just like our bodies. It is important to avoid lots of sugars and additives.
  2. Stop Drinking-or at least cut back. Too much alcohol can raise your blood pressure and highten your risk of a heart issue such as heart attack or stroke.
  3. Quit Smoking. It is very common to see commercials and billboards, and hear warnings on the internet about how smoking and using tobacco can cause lung cancer, make you look older, control your life, but it also can cause heart damage through causing arteries to clog and heart strain.
  4. Exercise. It’s true! The healthier you are, the healthier your heart!  Those that exercise regularly, as little as three days a week  in thirty minute time frames, have a much lower risk than those who do not.  (this can be as easy as taking a walk or playing at the park-get creative and have fun!)
  5. Take a great CoQ10 Supplement. CoQ10 is known to be very vital in heart health, in fact, the amount of CoQ10 in those with heart disease is shown to be moderately less than those with a healthy heart. Several research studies reveal that CoQ10 works at a cellular level to protect delicate DNA and reduce dangerous inflammatory levels that are closely linked to heart disease. Further evidence exists to explain how the co-enzyme improves blood flow to the heart muscle and enhances vascular elasticity to prevent arterial stiffening, commonly referred to as ‘hardening of the arteries’.

There are many other ways you can protect your vital organ, but these, of all of them are the easiest to do. I  admit, I can’t help you quit smoking and drinking, and I love my cookies, cakes, and candies like the next person, and sometimes I skip my workout to do something more enjoyable like sitting here on my laptop or chasing my three kiddos. (that’s exercise, right?? ) But, I can tell you about a new way to take CoQ10 that is easy and tastes great.



Q-Speed Fast-Melts are the perfect way to take CoQ10. It tastes a lot like the children’s drink Tang.  (ok-I still drink it sometimes…)  It also melts on the tongue. I love that there is no swallowing pills or funny tasting syrups. It takes literally seconds to melt on my tongue and offers the extra peace of mind knowing I’m taking great care of my heart.



These easy to take, tasty CoQ10 tablets not only take care of my heart, taste great, or melt fast; they also give me more energy and don’t even have any caffeine in them. The added energy I am getting is 100% natural! Given I get the appropriate amount of sleep (and as a mom of 3 I use this lightly), I can go through my day fatigue free and without needing a mid-day nap. (which my kids love-cuz they don’t nap either LOL)  I can keep up with my kids and even often have energy to spare. I love how I feel each day!

If I ever do *gasp*  manage to forget taking it one day, I can feel it all over. I just don’t feel as well-I feel like I drag through the day and feel like I need a rest, even if I take the day slow.  The nice thing is, I can take it any time of day and it gives an energy boost within 30 minutes.

My favorite part about these tablets is that they are all natural, sugar and gluten free, vegetarian, and Non-GMO so I know I am getting the best of ingredients.  These tablets are good for anyone. They help prevent heart conditions and maintain a healthy heart and keep it working at maximum capacity. They are also great for those who have already suffered from a heart condition because they build up the CoQ10 taken to the heart and can improve the state of the heart naturally.  Q-Speed is the easiest way to take CoQ10 on the market, and it’s natural and effective. It is the perfect way to take care of your heart-and of course, remember to live healthy!


Product Description:

  • Delicious Natural Orange Flavor. No chalky aftertaste.
  • Sugar Free | Gluten Free | Vegetarian | Non-GMO Ingredients | Made in Switzerland | Patented Technology
  • Fast-Melting Tablet for Optimal Absorption. Clinically proven to increase CoQ10 levels.
  • 100% Natural CoQ10 | Also available in 200mg and 400mg dosage strengths
  • Superior Taste Award from iTQi | Better Nutrition’s Magazine Best of Supplements Award Winner

•QSpeed is a delicious, natural-orange flavored, sugar free fast-melt tablet that melts in your mouth in seconds. •Coenzyme Q10 is a nutrient found in every cell within the body and plays an essential role in the production of energy and overall heart health. •The human body manufactures its own CoQ10 but levels diminish with age. •Certain medications, such as cholesterol lowering statin drugs can also further deplete the body from this vital nutrient.

QSpeed Fast-Melt CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is clinically tested and proven to be effective. We proudly flaunt our Award Winning Heart Health Supplement, internationally recognized for taste and quality. Nuline Nutritionals utilizes a patented formulation that creates a tablet that melts in your mouth in seconds, while also delivering a full dosage in just a single tablet. Our guarantee is that QSpeed will always be sugar free, gluten free, caffeine free, free from artificial flavorings, coloring, and preservatives, and each ingredient to be non-GMO. Further, our CoQ10 is top quality, as we only utilize 100% natural CoQ10.

QSpeed is a great alternative to pills and capsules, as no water is needed. Just pop the tablet in your mouth, and it will melt immediately with a great taste.


Where to Buy:




I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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