Bedphones-Never Stop the Music

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.



Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time getting back to sleep? Do you need music or white noise to even fall asleep-but have a partner who prefers the silence? I have the perfect solution for you, and your partner.

They are called Bedphones. They are an innovative, slim headphones that fit snugly enough to stay on while you sleep, but comfortably so they don’t interrupt sleep. They fall flat, so you feel practically nothing between your head and your pillow, even if you are on your side.  I have absolutely loved having these headphones. (or BEDphones rather!) I have been able to listen to the music I love without waking or bothering my husband’s sleep.



These head phones are thin (1/4″ thick) and fall flat on my ears so they are comfortable whether I am on my back or my side. (or even my stomach)  They are designed in a way I can wear them to the front or the back (cord) so I can wear them with the cord in the back while I sleep (to avoid choking) or forward when I am out and about or walking/running. Not only do they fit great-but they look chic and modern making them the perfect accessory for any phone/mp3 player. (or iPod) They also stay snug and fit great even during exercise, making them the perfect pair of headphones to wear at the gym or when working out at home.



Bedphones come with an optional inline microphone which is great for those that want to wear them for all day wear on top of for when they are sleeping. It can play, pause, skip songs, and answer phone calls making it the most convenient single button remote for headphones.  The microphone works great and those I have talked to while wearing these phones have heard me clearly without any background noise. This remote is extremely convenient when out because it takes one push of the button to answer the phone and talk to the person calling. It is easy to use and isn’t bulky or heavy on the cord.



Each pair of bedphones come with this satin eye mask. It is soft and silky and fits great. It is perfect for long car/bus rides or plane trips. It is also great for napping or to keep out the morning light so you can sleep a bit longer on non-workdays or weekends.  This eye mask fits super comfortably and has been  great for mornings when my hubby has to get up before me and needs the light. (no more waking up early-meaning better sleep!) I absolutely love this mask for car rides that are during the day because they effectively block out the light, but don’t weigh down so napping/sleep comes easy.



Each pair of Bedphones comes with this convenient carrying case and replacement bud covers (considering eventual wear and tear). This case is a sturdy case with a soft exterior. It holds everything from the headphones to the satin mask and extra ear buds making it convenient to take anywhere anytime. For ladies, it is even small enough to fit in a purse making it even easier to take along. The netting inside holds everything snug and safe, so even if you accidentally drop the case, your Bedphones will not break and nothing will fall around in it.



These headphones not only have great, clear sound-but Bedphones even offers an application that will gradually turn down your headphones so that by the time morning comes you will hear your alarm when it goes off. This is a genius idea simply because if you are still listening to music when your alarm goes off in the morning, there is the “slim” chance you won’t hear it over your music, or it won’t be drastic enough of a different sound to wake you when you need to get up and go.


These headphones are great for light sleepers, music lovers, even runners/walkers, and people on the go because they are so comfortable and diverse. They provide great sound for day or night and offer options that other headphones can not. (such as the ability to dim sound etc.)  Because of the way they are designed, they can fit any person of any size and fit comfortably as well. They adjust to fit perfectly.  When you purchase Bedphones, you are purchasing the last pair of headphones you will ever need. They are perfect for any situation or lifestyle.  They work with any smart phone, cell phone, computer, or iPod/mp3 player.



Product Description:

  • At less than 1/4″ thick, these soft, foam-covered sleep headphones are THE THINNEST IN THE WORLD. The on-ear design lies so flat, Bedphones practically disappear between your ears and the pillow, helping you fall asleep faster
  • Our earhooks are made from gentle, rubber-coated memory wire, INFINITELY ADJUSTABLE for a custom fit. Wear the cable down your back and tighten with the cable slider to keep Bedphones secure all night
  • Bedphones are the PERFECT TRAVEL HEADPHONES. Keep them safe on-the-go with the included sturdy-sided travel case and 90-DAY MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY. And for long rides, they also come with a comfy satin eye mask
  • Bedphones now come with an OPTIONAL INLINE MICROPHONE with remote – a necessity for the many who use Bedphones as their all-day everyday headphones. Our single-button remote is compatible with most smartphones and allows you to answer phone calls, play, pause, and skip music tracks without touching your phone
  • Because Bedphones lie against your ear without entering the ear canal, they are the PERFECT ALTERNATIVE TO UNCOMFORTABLE EARBUDS

Bedphones are the most comfortable headphones for sleep. At less than 1/4″ total thickness, you can barely feel the foam-covered speakers lying flat against your ears. Earhooks made from soft, rubber-coated moldable memory wire provide a custom fit.

Bedphones are compatible with all devices that accept a standard headphone plug. Add our optional in-line microphone with single-buttom remote to answer phone calls, play, pause, and skip music tracks without touching your phone. Satin eye mask, sturdy-sided travel case, and two pairs of replacement foams included.

Download our free Bedphones Music Controller App to shut your music automatically when you fall asleep.



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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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