Financial Empowerment: Realign Your Finances to God’s Will


The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein. For He has founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the waters.”  Psalm 24: 1-2

Finances can be a myriad of things-overwhelming, overflowing, non existent, or so many other things. Like many of you I have felt the weight of our finances on my shoulders. I must admit, I blamed God to a point, wondering why He would allow us to struggle so much and why no matter what we did, we never seemed to “get ahead”. I have had money “over flowing” (not that I was rich, so to speak, but certainly living within my means…) and we have had nothing-living day by day off of what others could offer us and staying with family. Through it all, God has been there-pulling us through, but that does not change the way I know I felt-the misconceptions held, and the major financial mistakes made during these times.

The book Financial Empowerment: Realign your Finances to God’s Will is an eye opening, and equally helpful book that I wish I had been able to read at the worst of times, but am grateful to have read even now, living between having nothing and true prosperity. It is more than just a book about finances and how to live a prosperous life.

It begins by talking about why we would want, or need, to talk about our finances. It goes on to talk about who the source of our money is and how we need to trust God as our source-while often we don’t.  The first two chapters really set the stage for the entire book. If you are a Christian reading this book-expect to feel convicted on certain topics, and to feel led to do exactly what God has asked us to do from the very start-Trust.

The next chapter touches on what wealth is, why to work, and how to “create” wealth.  It breaks each topic within each chapter down into “sections” and gets very specific. One thing that really touched home to me, as a Stay -at – home mom was when it talked about WHY we should work. I may not go to an outside job, but what I do around the house is still important, and often I forget why I even bother. (especially when things build up again and again) The chapter talks about how work is God and reaps rewards, and how it is God’s assignment to us.

The book moves on to tithing, saving, investing, and how to spend. Each chapter breaks down it’s specific topic and gives tips that are easy and fun to do along with realistic and feel “personalized” for it’s readers. I really liked chapter 7 because I have a tendency to spend outside my means and it gives practical tips to help eliminate excessive spending while still allowing me to feel comfortable with it or as though I am not necessarily spending less-though I really am…

Before the book moves to it’s final chapters, it discusses giving , debt, and lending and it’s effects on finances. Giving is truly an act of faith and this book does a great job of presenting this important topic. I can attest (and sadly admit) to the fact that there have been times I have wanted to give, but didn’t trust God enough to provide what we needed if I did and missed an opportunity for blessing and to bless another person. It talks about how to give and what giving can accomplish and asks the important question of “Why Christians, but not givers?” (something I have often considered…)  On the topic of debt it talks both about being the effect of debt, and God’s way OUT of debt. It goes right into a chapter about lending and the do’s and don’ts and what it takes to lend the godly way.

It’s last chapters talk about a financial plan, how to keep it in perspective, and how both righteousness and riches tie into each other. It discusses how to plan finances and how it is a lot like planning for a trip, God’s plan, why we often don’t plan, (I tend to fall into the “My goals are too big”  category) how to keep track of money, and taking the steps to financial success. Not only does this book address finances, but also relationships and the importance of not only managing finances, but also take control of other aspects of life such as spiritual life, health, and career.  I liked chapter 12 because it can be difficult keeping things in perspective, especially when in a “pit” of sorts. It is easy to let money control our actions, whether we have none or are overflowing, and it effectively explains how to master money without being controlled by it.

This entire book is a great standard of how to treat and control finances and get on track while doing it God’s way. It is chock ful of supporting scriptures (in NKJV) and is clear and concise. This is a book anyone needing clear, easy to follow directions and tips on ways to effectively get finances under control and manage money the godly way.  I highly recommend this book to any Christian looking to prioritize finances or those who are struggling to get by.  This book has been a huge help in our home and I plan to keep it around because it has tips, ideas, and advice for any financial state.



Book Description:

Authored by Pamela Carmichael, “Financial Empowerment: Realign Your Finances to God’s Will” provides both sound biblical basis and practical solutions to put your finances in order.

Pamela Carmichael can identify with your financial challenges. She knows what it’s like to be faced with limited funds as well as having more than enough. However, in the midst of financial turmoil, she has learnt to take God at His word and apply His money principles to experience financial freedom.

In this award winning title, “Financial Empowerment”, Pamela explores nine key areas of personal finance – creating wealth, tithing, saving, giving,investing, spending, borrowing, lending and planning. She examines the issues and misconceptions most experience in their finances and provides help with Biblical and practical solutions.

Financial Empowerment is the road map to personal and spiritual growth, financial well-being and a lifetime of empowerment through Godly principles.

Reviewed by Danita Dyess for Readers’ Favorite
As a reviewer of numerous Christian publications, I can attest that “Financial Empowerment” is exceptional. Carmichael’s 27 years of Christian service echoes page after page. I was impressed with the depth and breadth that she lovingly demonstrated about specific areas, e.g. God’s assignment of work, leaving an inheritance and using your money to help others.

-Pastor Cavour Blackman, New Wine Ministries
I found Financial Empowerment to be very Bible-centered, informative and challenging especially at a time when money is such a major issue with world-wide economic problems. It’s a very practical guide to help the reader glean financial principles in times like these.

-Carol A. Pitt, Caribbean Chapters Publishing
Understanding personal finance and having the discipline to manage a budget and save for the future are key factors toward achieving personal life goals, but knowledge and understanding about our spiritual well-being and our creator who makes all things possible are even more fundamental to our overall prosperity. This book reinforces the knowledge of how we are blessed and become wealthy through a commitment to and belief in God, who is our source.

From the Author

This book will help you to:

  • Recognize that God is the Ultimate Source for every need in your life
  • Identify the reasons for the financial challenges you face
  • Apply God’s solution to improve your personal finances
  • Identify and appreciate the benefits of doing things God’s way
  • Bless yourself and others through the practice of Godly financial principles
  • Shatter the perception or stronghold that God does not delight in your prosperity
  • Take steps towards financial freedom

With His will in mind as you manage your finances, God will empower you. You will be able to:

  • Attach eternal value to your money by funding ministries that spread the gospel, feed the hungry, educate and empower those who need hope and a future
  • Bless yourself by being free financially, thus having little or no debt
  • Make sound financial decisions knowing how to give, save, invest, or lend using Godly guidelines
  • Change lives (yours, your family’s and others) for good because God’s wisdom will guide you
  • Become the wealth creator and wealth distributor God intended you to be


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