Martial Arts for Adults



Have you ever wished you had learned Martial Arts as a kid, or even now? Do you have time constraints, or live too far from an available martial arts studio? You can still fulfill that dream and realize your full potential by taking Sheng Chi Kung Fu online at  With Sheng Chi you can open up a world of Martial Arts without leaving your own house and while learning on your own time. See live classes, participates in groups, take a course, follow along with Shun Shifu Weaver’s Blog, and earn Promotions while learning good Martial Arts technique.


I have been a member of this site for about a month-but I must admit due to illness and other physical issues, I am just really digging into this course. Because I am new to any form of Martial Arts, I started with the basic principles, these include Alignment, eyes, reaction, and intent, center line, floating foot, and more.  The actual course starts with three Introductory Lessons then moves on to Yellow Card A, then B and goes from there.

Each day a new email will come, occasionally two. They include anything from new blog posts to lesson tips and life lessons. It is more than just Martial Arts, it’s the skills needed to live a fuller life. This course would be awesome for those with PTSD, at risk teenagers, those suffering with depression, or working to overcome an addiction. I say this because of  the  learning of what we call “flowing, focused chi”. When a person moves with flowing focused chi their entire body is moving in an integrated manner. To achieve flowing focused chi the person has to be “in the body” and this causes a strong mind body integration. The mind actually “feels” the energy running through the body. This is  believed  to be the solution to a variety of negative human conditions caused by negative emotional states or psychological trauma.



The beginning courses are free on this site, which is really great-you can start right at Yellow A and work to Orange C and they offer the option to continue on once you have finished those levels and promoted. The beginning courses being free is great because they also have a year or a little more of materials/classes to work through before you’ll need to move on to a higher level. Above you can see the class selections. You can even become promoted in belt class and purchase belts and the Gi to be in full martial art form.




There are a couple of ways to view classes. You can watch/participate in them live or you can use pre-recorded classes to learn the skills needed to master the specific Martial Arts they specialize in, Shou’ Shu’. I have taken the time to try both ways and have found them to be equally good. I like the demos and the private classes because they show it facing camera with one or two people on screen, but I also like the live class form because I can see others participating and also not feel so inadequate when I don’t get it perfect because there are those who are really good at it like they’ve gotten lots of practice and others who aren’t as good, such as myself.




Each day there are one or two emails that come-and often there are short blog posts added to the Shun Shifu’s Blog (Shun Shifu Weaver’s Blog) that cover a wide array of topics, mainly touching on emotional state, relationships, important techniques and much more. I have only been doing it a short time, but have found the classes easy to follow and am really getting into it. I enjoy this part of my day because I can focus on learning the Martial Arts and it takes my mind off of things going on right now and the feeling of being a “part” of myself, but not “within” myself. Shou’ Shu’ has really helped me work through this and start living again. I am not only learning to defend myself and getting some exercise in the process, I am regaining my realization of self again.

If you are working through an emotional time or depression, looking to learn Martial Arts, or need a way to focus yourself and become more rounded emotionally, spiritually, and physically, Martial Arts for Adults through Sheng Chi is definitely the way to go!


Product Description:

Many of us dreamed as kids of becoming a martial artist. Of developing skills that would keep us and our families safe. Of learning the secrets of the orient.

But for many this dream was never realized.

Now it can be. Our online martial arts classes for adults are available anywhere there is the internet. We now serve students around the world.

Learn this fascinating form of Kung Fu called Shou’ Shu’ and not only realize those childhood dreams but also develop physical fitness, mental discipline, and the ability to defend yourself and your family.

This art teaches even the smallest person how to utilize the physics of the body to overcome the strongest of opponents. Women learn to be just as physically powerful as men through proper motion.

Live and recorded classes available. Even live video chat where the instructors will help you in real time.


Where to Join:




I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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