Pimsleur Italian 1


Are you planning an over seas or international trip? Do you need to learn another language fast? Do you travel often and find yourself fumbling with dictionary after dictionary trying to translate what is being said to you and trying to answer? Is there a language you have wanted to learn, but just haven’t been able to due to time constraints, costs, software requirements, or any other myriad of reasons?

The Pimsleur Approach could be just what you are looking for. With no books, Dvds, or software needed it is one of the easiest and most convenient audio language programs on the market. It only takes about 30 minutes a day so it is quick and they request you repeat or answer in Spanish (or which ever language you are learning) whenever they say to, keeping you interacting with it and actively learning the language.


I have wanted to learn Italian for a long time now. I find it entirely romantic, and wanting to go to Italy one day, it is a language I just wanted to know. The Pimsleur Approach has made that dream a reality finally! I have been able to learn Italian at my own pace with native Italians speaking the language making learning the dialect much simpler. It is much like Spanish in many ways, so since I have used the Pimsleur Approach for Spanish in the past, learning Italian seemed to much easier. (many of the basic words/phrases are similar) I have loved learning Italian and can’t wait to move on and hopefully try Pimsleur Italian 2 and continue in my journey to learn Italian.

I absolutely love that it can be taken any where, it can even be downloaded onto my Mp3 player, and only takes about 30 minutes (except when I repeat a lesson to make sure I’ve not missed anything-three kids can be a bit distracting sometimes…. 🙂 ) so I don’t have to worry about cutting a lot of time out of my day to learn. It presents each concept clearly and precisely and each lesson is very specific ensuring the optimum amount of learning for each concept.


It explains at the very beginning of each lesson how to complete it, then it spends the majority of the time having you practice words and phrases both by repeating and by answering questions out loud. It specifically has you answer out loud so you don’t think about it opposed to speak it and end up using an English dialect opposed to the Spanish (or whichever language you are studying) dialect.

This program is great for adults because it specifically works parts of the brain that help adults young and old learn best and easiest without straining or stress. It is also great for kids, even those that can not read, because it requires no book time and is completely auditory. We had tried another program for the kids before and due to the fact our daughter is just learning to read it was a little too difficult for her because it required choosing the write word based on spelling where the Pimsleur program has her listening to words and questions and answering in Italian making it easy for her to learn and pick up on. She hasn’t done as much with the Italian as with Spanish or German, but what she has done she has picked up on quickly and accurately. (She’s totally a sponge!)

No matter what language you are looking to learn-I highly recommend using the Pimsleur Approach to do so. It is quick, easy, and fun and it teaches at your pace. If you want to learn fast you can, but if you have more time to learn you can take your time.


Product Description:

Pimsleur Italian Level 1 (Comprehensive 1) Italian CDs are the easiest & fastest way to learn the Italian language.

• Highly effective, 100% audio-based Italian course
• Based on Dr. Pimsleur’s famous research. Learn the Italian language simply by listening & speaking
• Perfect for travelers, business executives, students & anyone who wants to truly converse
• No reading, writing, memorization • Just 30-minutes/day!
• Easily download to MP3
• No software (unlike Rosetta Stone & Fluenz)

Learn Italian with an audio-only approach unlike any other available. Its scientific system allows you to learn Italian language material after just one listen!

From beginner Italian to a basic intermediate level in thirty, 30-minute Pimsleur Italian lessons – 16 hours of real-life speaking sessions on 16 Italian language learning audio CDs.

• Initiate & hold real conversations
• Handle everyday situations – ask for information, directions, & give basic information about yourself
• Participate in casual conversations
• Avoid basic cultural errors & handle travel requirements
• Establish rapport with strangers in foreign countries
• Begin sounding out words with native-like pronunciation

About Dr. Pimsleur: Dr. Paul Pimsleur was a legendary linguist at universities around the world. His world-famous, scientifically-proven Pimsleur method has helped millions of people learn Italian quickly & easily. Featured on PBS – Purchased by the FBI.


Where to Purchase:
PIMSLEUR ITALIAN LEVEL 1 – Learn Italian w/Dr. Pimsleur’s Famous Italian Language Learning Course, Featured on PBS. Beginner Italian to Intermediate Fast! – Press Play, Listen & Learn the Italian Language – 30 Italian Lessons/16 Audio CDs



I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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