Armed With Truth Temporary Tattoos


Armed With Truth Temporary Tattoos are not only a great idea, but a great product. They go on easy and last almost a week.  (or a week if you are super careful)  I absolutely love these tattoos for a few different reasons. The first is how easy they are to apply. They go on just like any other temporary tattoo-but it looks more real and well done than any other temporary tattoo. (it isn’t “cartoon” like)

The next reason I absolutely love these tattoos is they open a door to witness. I can’t count the amount of conversations it started when I was wearing one of these tattoos. I got questions ranging from “what is that?” to “what does it mean?” and was able to tell others what the verses meant to me and why I was wearing it. It also was a great way for me to learn verses or review verses I hadn’t practiced in a while. Because they last about five days I am able to look at my wrist and read the verse through many times throughout the day.

These tattoos would be great for a youth group as a prize for memorizing a verse or answering a question right, or as a hand out to each teen to work on learning a verse. They would also be great for the homeschooling children who are working to learn a verse. Armed with Truth actually has a Custom Tattoo option so you can use any verse you would like in the style you want making it easy to make tattoos catered to what the teens or students are learning. After wearing a couple of these tattoos-I can honestly attest to their ability to open doors to witnessing to people-both known and unknown- and how easy they make learning verses for memory. They are great tattoos, and I recommend them to any Christian looking for a way to open more doors to witness or learn important verses to lead others to Christ.





Product Description:

Armed With Truth creates temporary designer tattoos of Scriptures to help remind people of truth found in the Bible throughout their day. Too often our days are full of fear, anxiety, or doubt, but now you can remind yourself of a higher truth about your identity or circumstances. They are also great tools for memorizing Scripture since they last 3-5 days. They look surprisingly real and attract a lot of compliments and questions.

What Is Armed With Truth?

We believe one of the most powerful ways to survive this crazy world is to have the Word of God written on your heart. When Jesus faced opposition, he answered the problem and lies with scripture. We ought to do the same. Yet, the process and practices of memorization are tough. We have tried it all: flash cards, sticky notes, covering one eye, you name it. The snazzy smartphone app was least effective because of the endless distractions that come with smartphones! Ugh!

We knew there had to be a better way….

We set out to make a way to get scripture into your memory bank by allowing you to take advantage of all the micro moments in life. If you don’t have a lot of time (like us), spending 25-30 minutes to memorize scripture isn’t something most people can maintain. We wanted to create a way people to take all their wasted micro moments in life (standing in line, at a stop light, in a drive through, in an elevator, riding a bike and even taking a shower) and make them opportunities to memorize scripture.

Armed With Truth was born to give you a ultra convenient (yet dashingly fashionable) way memorize scripture for a few seconds a day –everyday. The temporary tattoos are made for your inner wrists and will last for up to 7 days and are ready at all times for you to be encouraged and empowered. Each pack contains 10 verses centered around a transformational theme — from knowing your Identity in Christ to becoming a Change Maker. Over 100 of the best verses to memorize to transform your mind and equip you with the Word of God.

We hope that you love these as much as we do!

Eric and Mike


Where to Purchase:



I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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