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The TheO Smartball is such a great idea! I could see this making a great Christmas gift, (cuz face it-it is ONLY 13.5 weeks until Christmas!) birthday gift, classroom tool, or therapy tool for children with disabilities or who need special therapies. I actually use this for multiple reasons. I use it with my autistic son and my home schooling daughter. (3 and 5)  TheO Smartball comes quickly and with a free carrying bag (worth $12.99). It can fit devices that are 4.75″ long x 2.25″ wide such as the Iphone or Galaxy s4 mini or you can pay just $10 more and get the TheO Smartball XL that fits phones of all sizes. (As large as the Galaxy S5 and the NEW Iphone 6)

When you purchase TheO Smartball, it doesn’t end when the ball gets here. Once you get the Smartball,  (or even before it gets here) there are eight apps that are completely free (right now there is 12 for a limited time!!) You can find them both in the iTunes Store and also Google Play. You can find out more by going to

The apps range from Animals, Colors, and Textures to Objects, States and Capitols, ABC’s and 123’s. (There are a TON of apps!) The best part is when my kids are playing, they are having a great time and learning, and they don’t even know it. (the learning part!) My son was home for a few weeks soon after I received TheO Smartball and I used it with him the whole time he was home. The results have been amazing. He left school not talking to them at all, and although he isn’t so keen on talking to his teachers, he is consistently talking to his  Speech Therapist and also making requests and interacting at home much more. He absolutely loves playing hot potato and bowling and he also loves the Musical Instruments App.

My daughter is learning to read so we use the ABC app (to learn letter sounds) and she is also learning addition and subtraction so she is using the Math Flash App ($4.99  at She also absolutely loves the bowling and Hot potato and I can see her improving in her phonics and math skills and we have also started playing together with the Word Teasers app. It is a fun way to interact with each other and it gets us spending a lot of time together.  All of the apps have a way of entertaining kids and are definitely a great gift for any occasion.  I would definitely recommend the TheO Smartball to any teacher, home school parent, or parent who wants a fun way to work on their child’s learning skills in math, phonics, interaction, and music. (it does so much!) It is also the perfect tool for therapists or those with children who are autistic or have a learning disability.




Product Description:

TheO SmartBall – For kids pre-school to 5th grade – a parent’s dream!

Active kids learn more and retain more of what they learn. With TheO SmartBall, kids learn while they play.

TheO SmartBall is a soft foam ball that uses revolutionary technology and your smart device to entertain and educate your kids. Our Apps offer a variety of games that get kids engaged mentally and have fun physically.

Download one of our entertaining and educational apps to your smart device, insert your device into TheO SmartBall (a tutorial on our website shows how), and then toss, roll, or shake the ball to make learning fun.

Physical Apps offers 8 free apps to get started. You and your winner can download them from the iTunes or Google Play. See the full line up at:

Download one of our free apps to your electronic device, and follow the instructions for using TheO SmartBall. And let the fun begin!

TheO™ SmartBall’s revolutionary technology has combined physical activity, learning and fun into one dynamic experience. Kids love all the incredible Apps! Simply, download one of our fun-filled apps from the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Insert your Apple or Android device into the TheO™ SmartBall, and let the fun begin. You will be amazed at how much fun your kids will have interacting with TheO™ SmartBall.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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