Cancer-100 Things to do Besides Chemo


First, I want to point out that this isn’t a book about ways to replace Chemo-but to be proactive in the fight against cancer opposed to relying solely on Chemo to kill off the cancer. There are many ways to help prevent cancer, you can find many proactive ways to reduce risk of getting cancer along with steps toward getting healthy at What you don’t find there is a list of fast, easy steps you can take when you are battling cancer. It is perfect for those in the fight, those at risk, kids, and doctors. There is a lot of first hand knowledge shared in this book that can really reap benefits if the advice is followed.

Cancer-100 Things to Do Besides Chemo starts off with Michal’s Cancer story. Just like we all have our “why” when it comes to why we walk for Relay or Strides against Cancer, Run in charity runs, raise money to further research, or even a “why” for everything we do in life, Michal has a “why.” She was diagnosed with stage four cancer at 22 and is alive today to talk about it, and she credits it greatly to the 100 things she lists in her e-book you can do. She notes that a lot of the fight is mental-and it’s true, as in anything you want in life. If you want to live, you have to mentally enter this war and move forward accordingly.

Her steps are fast and easy, none are to be taken for granted or ignored, even those that seem simple such as “decide to live” or “breath”. Those things are so detrimental in this fight against cancer. (she isn’t talking regular breathing but deep, thoughtful breathing.) Each step is only half a page to page and a half and very quickly describes how to do it or the why to do it. (some both) One of my favorite tips is to share your story. I don’t have a personal Cancer story for myself, but having family who has fought and is still fighting Cancer, this one is fairly dear to my heart. Another is to not stay alone but surround yourself with others-it is not a fight best fought by oneself, but with those around you and who are rallying for you to make it.

Overall, this is a great ebook and very easy read. I can see how it would help a Cancer patient, or anyone, for that matter heal and get better faster and recover from their disease. I can also see where this is good for just about anyone as it talks about good sleep, eating habits, mental state of mind, spiritual state of mind, and more. All of which are detrimental to living a healthy life. (such as cutting out stress and forgiving others) I definitely recommend this book to just about anyone, especially those who are living with or helping someone with Cancer or in the war against cancer themselves. If anything, it will help create a better way of living for those who read it.


Product Description:

Book Description:
Stop feeling like a victim and regain the ability to control your life
by choosing to live and to be healed
Cancer: 100 Things To Do Besides Chemo presents to those suffering from cancer a new option: stop feeling like victims and regain the ability to control their lives by choosing to live and be healed completely – and even spontaneously – from cancer.
Michal Peleg is specializing today in Tetha Healing for a cancer cure as a method of short introversion in the healing process in order to help cancer patients to take responsibility on their treatment rather than waiting for the chemo to end.
Michal was healed from cancer when she was only 22, after she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma stage 4. This book is a unique opportunity to learn from Michal and her active approach in the process of healing from cancer, rather than getting carried away with the events and letting things happen. In her belief, cancer has become a worldwide problem which suffers from too much information – an industry which offers so many methods, books, diets, treatments, and studies that claim to have the answer. This leads cancer patients on a long search full of uncertainty about a cure, which costs them valuable time. Despite all the information available today, Michal finds that the cure for cancer is within reach; we can find it faster than previously imagined -it is found within our minds and the lifestyle we choose to live. As simple as that.
In essence, this book is a summary of the best paths and tips she learned along the way -the ones that have stayed with her and that she uses to this day, more than 15 years after being completely cured.
˃˃˃ Fast tips to consider
The book is short for a reason: to provide readers with fast tips to consider, steps to integrate into their lives, and habits to reconsider and change. Don’t underestimate a single step. Each of the steps, even the smallest, makes up an essential part of the whole equation of being healthy and happy forever.
˃˃˃ A tool of great importance
The book is a tool of great importance for any cancer patient, patients’ families and their children, as well as doctors, nurses, and social workers.


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Cancer – 100 Things To Do Besides Chemo



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