Reach for the Sun

Marking doors, Walls, and Window Frames…I have seen it all in the quest to keep track of ones’ child’s growth. While these are all great, it can be hard to tell how tall they really are, and then there’s the chance you have to move and then all of that hard work and tracking will be gone with the stroke of a paint brush. There are a lot of really cute growth charts out there, but most aren’t educational and colorful/fun at the same time. The Levenhuk growth chart, however, is both of those in one!

I use this chart to track my son’s growth and he loves it. When he reaches the next planet we read about it. Each planet has it’s own little blurb of information and this chart also teaches planet location, color, and distance. I really like this for educational and tracking purposes. My son is interested in space, so he likes it for the colorful planet pictures. He really loves Saturn and Mercury. I like the small blank area next to the numbers because it also gives me the opportunity to write a date for when he was that tall so when he gets older he has something (or I have something, rather) to look at to remember just how much he has grown.


Product Description: 

“Reach for the Sun” allows you to follow your child’s growth and provide your child with a fun way to learn all the planets of the Solar System. No more putting marks on doorposts and walls – with this growth chart you can easily measure your child’s height.

The growth chart is printed on a heavy-weight glossy paper with images of the Solar System planets, sorted by distance from the Sun (the planets closest to the Sun being at the top). As children grow, they will reach higher and higher, closer to the Sun, until one day they stand as tall as the Sun itself. Along the way, they will also learn the names of the planets and how far they are from the center of the Solar System.


  • Size: 9×39 in (22×100 cm)
  • Measuring scale in inches and centimeters

Usage: General use product. May be used by kids over 3 years old.


Where to Purchase:


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