Swing Dance for Beginners-DanceCrazy


If you have two left feet and have ever wanted to learn Swing Dance, this DVD is for you. I am not by any means a great dancer. My favorite move involved rocking back in forth in a slow dance fashion with my husband. But when I found this DVD I just had to try it! It sounded so fun and since I could do it at home, there was no embarrassing classes to take where I risked being the only person who couldn’t dance. This DVD got here super fast and I had to try it immediately.

While my husband was not home at the time, it was okay because the way they break up the instruction they show the male and female dancers separately and then show them together. (so I could get some practice in before hubby got here! 😉 ) It was incredibly easy to follow. They explained it step by step and showed each step from different angles so there was no missing a thing. My husband and I really liked the music on the DVD and how quickly we were able to pick up the dance moves on here to develop some form of technique. We try to practice with the DVD about once a week and plan to move on to another form of dance soon! Can’t wait! :)a


Product Description:

Swing Dancing – One of the single most prolific styles of dance, you’ll find it everywhere. Get ready to swing dance with DanceCrazy’s extensive introduction to Swing Dancing, a 2 DVD Series! This is the first of two DVDs, and covers the fundamentals of the dance, as well as a few beginner patterns.If you can’t help tapping your feet to the amazing rhythms you hear in Swing music (think Count Basie, Duke Ellington, or Ella Fitzgerald) then this step by step dance instructional DVD is for you! Designed from the ground up as a true beginner’s dance instructional video, this DVD (The first of a 2 DVD Series available on amazon.com) guarantees that no experience is required. Two left feet? No rhythm? No Problem! This swing dancing DVD series is for you.You’ll be showing off some amazing Swing Dance steps in no time at all. “There’s no other DVD series that is this in depth, this step by step, or this fun…”

Swing has earned its reputation as one of the most versatile and energizing forms of popular music and continues to attract new converts to its catchy tunes and syncopated beats.

This completely full, two hour dance instruction video take you from your very first steps in swing dance, and teaches a solid foundation from which to become an amazing swing dancer. Your experienced Swing dancing instructors take the time to break each pattern down thoroughly, providing you with essential information on technique, style, and connection.

Not only are your dance teachers, Eldon and Alison clear and accurate, but they also making learning to Swing fun and exciting! It’s time to learn a great skill, have a fantastic time, and dazzle your friends. Once you begin, you won’t be able to stop dancing Swing! You’ll learn how to Swing Dance with ease and style… An absolute must have for anyone interested in Swing Dancing. Note: This is part of of a two part swing dancing instructional series, find part two also available on amazon.com. DanceCrazy and SalsaCrazy also have a whole line of instructional dance DVDs and videos available on amazon.


Swing Dancing Made Easy! I was excited when I received this DVD. I’ve been interested in Swing Dancing since watching an episode of “Dancing With The Stars” that featured swing dancing. I put the DVD in and I’ve been dancing ever since. I’m a child of the 1980s so I didn’t have much experience with this type of dance. The instruction on the DVD was helpful and moved slowly through the paces including partner connection and style. My girlfriend and I have practiced several times with it and have even gone out to one of the clubs to try out some of the moves. The music is great and really sets the mood. Cool! –L. Brighton (Amazon Verified Purchaser)


Where to Purchase:

Learn To Dance Swing, Beginners Vol.1 – A Beginners Swing Dancing Guide to East Coast and City Swing



*I was given a copy of Swing Dance for Beginners from DanceCrazy for my honest opinion. I am in no way being compensated for my review. All opinions and views in this post are solely my own. *

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