Brought Back from the Dead

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.


Ever wanted to experience a spa moment without spending a fortune or leaving home?

Recently I was given the opportunity to try a dead sea mud mask. It was like heaven-for my face that was. I would say it’s why I’ve gone on the hunt for only the best facial and skin products.

This mask was so relaxing, I wanted to sip a mimosa (not that I’ve ever had one…) and recline with cucumbers on my eyes. It was gentle and left only the nicest of tingling sensations on my face as it dried. I loved I could still smile, talk, or move even when it was drying. Some masks leave the face so hard, to talk would make your face crack-and that does not feel nice at all.

I was impressed when I was applying it. It went on like lotion. It wasn’t too thick or two runny, it didn’t take a ton of product either. They say it’s enough for 30 sessions, but with how easily it spreads on and how little it takes, it may even do more. I have to be at 15 already since getting it to try.

No shaking required. Have you ever gotten a mud mask that claimed to be all natural, but then ran right off your face like water? I know I have. You can shake them all you want, it isn’t getting thicker. This mud mask, however, came in lotion consistency, and it stayed there. I never once have needed to shake it.  It didn’t have that nasty smell some masks get either. (I am very sensory-smell could break a product for me-or it could make it. )


File:Dead Sea by David Shankbone.jpg

It is so gentle, I could hardly tell it was on. I mean, yeah, it’s a mask-so I could feel it. But it was light and “fluffy” so to speak. It had a slight tingle as it dried, but nothing irritating, and it left my skin feeling soft, smooth, clean, and refreshed when I took it off.  My face never once felt irritated or turned red, and it washed off as easy as it went on so I was never left with the feeling some was left sitting in my pores clogging them.

It’s affordable too. How affordable you ask? You can get it for just $33 & Free Shipping. (I’ll tell you what is and where to get it soon!)  Say you get the 30 treatments they promise, you will be paying $1.10 per facial you give yourself! That is a great deal!

It’s such a great deal, I even got an extra bottle to share with one of you for absolutely free! (more on that soon!)

Well, what is it?? I bet you’re wondering if I’m ever going to spill the beans…. You’re wish is my command!


So, here it is! Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask. I have absolutely loved using this every week. I like to hide away on a Friday or Saturday when my hubby is home and just sit for the twenty minutes listening to relaxing music, away from the craziness going on in the other room. It’s a true spa experience at home. I already told you all the great reasons I liked it.

So, what is so great about Dead Sea Mud anyways?

There are more than 35 different types of minerals can be found in the Dead Sea’s waters. These minerals are known to help remove toxins from the body/skin, alleviate health issues such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, psoriasis, Rheumatoid, and so much more. It can give relief to a myriad of symptoms and is known for it’s therapeutic properties.

It reduces oil and blackheads and gives more clear and radiant skin. Dead Sea mud works great for eczema and psoriasis as well due to Dead Sea salt and mud known properties that help relieve eczema, psoriasis and acne symptoms.

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What makes Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask so GREAT?

This Dead Sea Mud Mask contains 30 Treatments which lasts for 3-4 Months. Each treatment provides the ingredients and results of a $120 facial at a high end dermatology spa! Made with Pure Dead Sea Mud with the highest concentration of minerals – vital for facial skin treatment glow. This mask is made in Israel – by the Dead Sea experts and contains the highest and freshest concentration of Dead Sea Mud. Reduce Oil and Blackheads and get more clear and radiant skin. Works great for Eczema and Psoriasis as well due to Dead Sea salt and mud known properties that help relieve Eczema, Psoriasis and acne symptoms. Apply a layer to clean, dry skin once per week or as needed, as a facial mask for the whole face or as spot treatment for blackheads or pimples.

After treatment with Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask, the skin functions are enhanced and the minerals essential for inter-cell communication improve the ability of the skin’s layers to store moisture. The new cells fill out smaller facial lines from the inside, smoothing the outer layer of the skin to create the feeling of softness, relaxation, and health.

Where can I buy this?


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