Butterfly Stitching


Butterfly Stitching is riveting from the very start. It’s main character, Sahar starts out as a confused little girl doing what she is told to survive. You see, Iran is in war-has been for a while, and when the red siren blows, it is not to be taken lightly. This book is written to be believable-and it is not only because of it’s sibling fights, jealousy, or heart wrenching emotions; but also because it is based on and inspired by the true stories told of Iranian women who grew up in the midst of war.

This book opened a world to me that I have never seen before. Not due to the lack of curiosity, but because it isn’t discussed in history classes or told over dinner. In fact, it is so emotionally charged, it’s really not talked about at all. That is, until now. Shermin Kruse weaves a story that can appeal to any reader.

It is action packed, has romance, family, and it is packed with history. I can not attest to the historical accuracy in the book , but from what little I do know about growing up in Iran and war (separately), it is extremely believable. This book wrought so many emotions in me, yet I had the hardest time putting it down. It made me smile, I reminisced a little, and, at times, it made me cry. The story of Sahar and her mother Samira is not one I will easily forget. (if I ever do)

From the very first chapter I felt like I was right there.  I was going to school with Sahar,  running for cover during the Red siren, falling in love, and experiencing a culture I’ve never experienced before.  I high;y recommend this book to anyone really, but especially to those that are ready to delve into a different place, a different time in history, and a new culture. Once you pick up this book, you won’t want to put it down!


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Book Description:

Terrifying Iranian secret police. An inspiring forbidden love. And the horrors of war. Butterfly Stitching weaves a stunning tapestry of the lives of Sahar and Samira, daughter and mother. And through the strength, beauty and imagination of these remarkable women, reveals Iran herself.

What others are saying:

“A land hidden from view for decades is revealed in this searing novel about the joys and struggles of Iranian mother and daughter throughout a turbulent period of history. Played against the tapestry of Persian culture, we are given a window into a world that has been veiled to outsiders, and suppressed within Iran itself. This book will leave you yearning for a sequel, a triumphant return to a land which we hope will soon be reemerging onto the global stage.”
Lyric Hughes Hale – Commentator, Yale Books Blog

“Shermin Kruse has written a mesmerizing book, which allows you to fall into a particular time of history, and very much like a shadow, follow two women and lose yourself in their journey.”
Camelia Entekhabifard – Contributor to New York Times, Associated Press and Reuters; and Author of Camelia: Save Yourself by Telling the Truth.

“Shermin Kruse’s Butterfly Stitching is the gorgeous, intricately woven narrative of two heart-strong women who show us the beauty of ritual and custom as they clash with crisis and oppression in an old-world order. It is a rich, true-love tapestry.”
Theresa Schwegel, Edgar Award winning author of The Good Boy

“Butterfly Stitching is a simply stunning novel and a beautifully written, in depth account of what it means to be a woman growing up and maturing in Iran. Touching, profound and at times shocking, you cannot fail to be moved by Butterfly Stitching and I cannot recommend it highly enough – the stories of Sahar and Samira will stay with me for a long time to come.”
Karen Perkins – Bestselling author of Thores-Cross & The Valkyrie Series


About the Author:

Shermin Kruse is the epitome of a global renaissance woman. Having lived several life times throughout the globe, as a child in Iran, a teenager in Canada, and a lawyer in the United States, this poet, mother, painter, model, photographer, and human rights advocate, finally found her true home in Chicago. Through it all, her truest gift was writing and telling stories. And so she now unveils Butterfly Stitching, her stunning debut novel, a gripping tale of oppression and redemption, obsession and love, and loss and authenticity. Kruse began writing poetry as a child in Iran, where she lived in the midst of a bloody war with neighboring Iraq and under the control of Iran’s post-revolutionary secret police. After a childhood spent dodging rockets and the morality police, her family immigrated with little more than a few suitcases. Post immigration, Kruse rose in the ranks of the professional world. She obtained her law degree from the prestigious University of Michigan Law School, cum laude, and partnered at the top tier Chicago firm of Barack Ferrazzano at a very young age. An ardent supporter of the arts, and passionate about peace between the nation of her birth (Iran) and the one of her citizenship and allegiance (the United States), Kruse co-founded and currently serves as a director of Pasfarda Arts and Cultural Organization, an entity committed to promoting peace between the two nations through the arts. She also fell in love with an American man, and together they have three Iranian-American children. Besides her contributions to the artistic and literary world, Kruse is also an advice columnist for Chicago Lawyer and authors scholarly legal articles. In addition, Kruse works with a number of pro bono entities in both civil and criminal cases, and is a frequent speaker on foreign policy issues. Butterfly Stitching, was inspired by the true experiences of herself and the women in her family and circle of friends. Through a stunning tapestry of the horrors of political oppression, a terrifying secret police, an inspiring forbidden love, and the realities of war, Butterfly Stitching weaves the tale of Sahar and Samira. Daughter and mother. And through the strength, beauty and imagination of these remarkable women, reveals Iran herself.


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Butterfly Stitching

Butterfly Stitching



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The Tenth-Book Review


The Tenth, written by Smadar Shir is a riveting, emotionally packed book that takes you on one boys journey after suffering injuries during a suicide bomber attack. It’s all about his choice to get his tenth surgery-the most of any survivor of the attack and his coping with the loss of his mother.  This book caught my attention from the get go and kept it the whole time through.

I have to admit, it left a mark on my heart and also caused me to feel joy, love, grief, and anger right along with Danny (the main character) as he struggled to make sense of all that had taken place. A local journalist, Autumn encourages him to get the surgery, tells Danny the story of her own child around his age and how she’s a single mother, (which when reading the book you find out he took as something else) and considers Danny, a boy now maimed and beaten, a hero.

But Danny doesn’t feel like a hero-and he doesn’t want this surgery. He wants the reminder of what happened, and of his mother.  On his journey he finds joy and happiness-and humor-something he never thought he would have again. He comes to realize there is light at the end of the tunnel. This story will take you on a journey you will NEVER forget.  I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it! Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down! I had to know what came next, whether he got the surgery, if his suspicions were right, and if he ever felt the “closure” he needed to find peace with what happened. Well written and easy to read, The Tenth is just the book for anyone who loves to read and is looking for the next great book to read!

Below you can find a short description of the book and where to buy it! (It’s only $.99! great value!)

Book Description:

A special bond is formed in the hospital between Danny – a mischievous, curious and very bright ten-year-old who has lost a leg and an arm – as well as his mother – in a terrorist bombing – and Autumn, a young journalist sent to interview him before his tenth operation.

Autumn wants to publish Danny’s story because she believes he is a hero, but Danny says he isn’t a hero at all; he was simply sitting in a restaurant waiting for his food when the terrorist came in and blew herself up. During their conversation, Autumn tells Danny about her son and her life a a single mother. He misses his own mother, and harbors a suspicion that the journalist keeps coming to see him because she is interested in his newly widowed father.

Autumn thinks that Danny should have the tenth operation, which would basically be plastic surgery to remove the shrapnel from his face and minimize the scarring. He does not want to forget: he would rather have a scarred face that will always remind him of his mother and all that he lot. And it would also be a reminder of the reality of life in Israel, a reality in which innocent children pay the price. During the difficult days preceding the operation, still tormented by indecision and struggling against the pain, Danny undergoes a maturity process that will prepare him for his release from the hospital. He learns not to be jealous of his sister, who survived the bombing with only a few scratches. He learns not to be afraid of the Arab nurse who wants to give him an injection. He develops a new and different sense of humor and comes to realize that despite his grief and loss, life goes on and can be beautiful. He discovers that he can enjoy life if he only reaches out for it.


Where to Buy:

The Tenth: A Novel (contemporary fiction Book 1)




I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.