Nail Cones-Simplify Nail Painting


Have you ever painted your nails and found you had more nail polish on your hands than your nails? Ever needed to pull out the cue tips and nail polish remover and spend even more time fixing your nails than you did even painting them? I know I have. And it can be so frustrating, can’t it? Sometimes we just need to paint our nails and go-we don’t always have time to go back and fix those smudges.


That is where Nail Cones come in. These super adorable little ice cream cones are actually stickers and they come in three sizes to fit any nail. They come in sets of  four sheets that add up to 60 nail cones. They are meant to cover the skin around the nail and ensure the perfect manicure, just as if you had gone to the salon. It takes the mess out of painting nails and saves time because you no longer will need to fix your nails.


On top of being super adorable. Nail cones are extremely easy to use.  Just wash and dry your hands (so the stickers will stick well), apply the nail cones, polish your nails, then allow your nails to dry and remove the nail cones. My advice for applying the cones would be to do one hand at a time. This will ensure you are better able to grasp the brush.



The stickers go on easy and stay on well. You should really make sure your hands are very dry, including where the nail meets the finger because if you don’t, they won’t stay as well. The sizes make them super easy to use because the size choices are almost like “One size fits most” when it comes to fingers. I was even able to use the smallest size on my daughter and they worked great. The picture above is what they look like when you first apply them to be used.



Above you’ll see what they look like after the nail is painted. The reason these work so great is because they protect the surrounding finger and as long as you wait until the nail polish is dry before removing the cone, the nail polish doesn’t run or bleed. (Yeah-I made the mistake of lacking patience….) Once dry, just remove the nail cone and take in your perfect, salon quality nails.

I really loved the Nail cones sent to me to sample. They went on easy and really did a great job keeping the polish off my fingers. I was able to just paint my nails and go and with three kids-that’s important because there isn’t much time left to paint nails unless they surprise me and take a nap.

These are great for any woman who paints their nails but has a hard time keeping it neat. I know, because I am the WORST at it, especially when doing the right hand. (no matter how hard I try…)  Easy to use and affordable, Nail Cones are guaranteed to make painting your nails easier and more enjoyable.



Product Description:

Have you ever gotten really frustrated painting your fingernails when you get the nail polish on your skin? If you have, your problems are over. Nail Cones is a simple, easy-to-use product that will solve the problem. You can save time and frustration by using Nail Cones – and your nails will look great after you have finished.

This is an easy to use product that protects your skin when you apply nail polish. It is a sticker that is cut out to form around the nail when the polish is applied.  It is easy to apply and remove. A perfect polish every time.


Where to Buy:  ($5.99 -4 sheets 60 nail cones + FREE shipping)




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