Rainbow Bandz Organization Box



Rainbow Bandz not only makes high quality, bright colored loom bands; they also make the organization box to put them in! This box is super durable and clasps shut similar to a tackle box so you can rest assured your bandz are safe and secure inside their box.  It is designed to hold both bands and the loom accessories and everything fits conveniently into one box.  This is a must have for the “loomers” out there with no where to store their bandz.



Each compartment is 2 inches wide x 1.9 inches deep and is 13 1/2 inches long in maximum.So you can have up to 22 different colors and your loom with accessories all in one box. They have 20 dividers that slide in or come out easily and can be “customized” to fit as many colors, or as few as you would like. (for example, above there are 22 colors, but below only nine are stored) With is ability to customize, you can also store your loom and the hooks as well.



This organization box is the perfect size and I love that I can customize its compartments to be how I’d like them. It fits all my daughter’s bands an even had room for me to get her more. It’s the perfect size to slide under the seat during car rides and stores easily on the shelf in her closet.  I could have stored the loom as well, but instead chose to store all of the bands in the organization box opposed to only a few at a time. I love how they are all in one place and there was space to keep the extra dividers and all of the s-clips that came with the bands as well. It is strong, convenient, and easy to store. A definite must have for anyone who has loom bands to store. The best part is you can combine two boxes, so if you can’t fit everything in one box (like me who wants everything in one place LOL) you can stack them together and double the storage space. (and they still fit conveniently wherever you want to store them.)

You can read more about this organization box and where to buy it below.


Product Description:

  • Clear Plastic Storage Organizer Case for Rainbow Loom and Rubber Bands -Adjustable Compartments!
  • Fits the Rainbow Loom Tool and has plenty of room for bands and connectors! Compartments keep parts separated and are adjustable with the 20 included dividers Compartment rows are 2 inches wide x 1.9 inches deep and 13-1/2 inches long maximum See thru plastic storage organizer case fits the Rainbow Loom and loom bands and clips!!
  • Adjustable compartments keep parts separated. Includes 20 dividers compartment. See through plastic storage organizer case fits the all Rainbow Loom style and loom bands and clips!!
  • Each are 2 inches wide x 1.9 inches deep and 13-1/2 inches long maximum. 14″ x 8.5″ x 1.875″ overall.
  • Money back guarantee.

Clear Plastic Storage Organizer Case for Rainbow Loom and Rubber Bands with Adjustable Compartments!

 Rainbow Organizational Box by Rainbow bandz
Rainbow bandz gives you this organizational box that perfectly fits the Rainbow Bandz Loom Tool and has plenty of room for bands and connectors. Compartment rows are 2 inches wide x 1.9 inches deep and 13-½ inches long maximum with 20 included dividers. The organizational box has compartments that keeps parts separated and are adjustable plus a see thru plastic organizer case that is 100% compatible with other loom brands.
How does Rainbow Organizational Box work?
With its overall measurements of 14″ x 8.5″ x 1.875″, this product delivers you the excellent accessory for your rainbow loom tools. It keeps everything organized and separated giving you an easy access towards making your bracelets, rings and other charms. We made sure that the compartments are adjustable so that you can arrange all your tools in the most convenient way you want it be. It holds over 6000 elastic bands, charms, connectors, loom and picks and two cases can be joined together to double your storage capacity – double the storage, double the fun.
Why should you buy from us?
This organizational box brought to you by Rainbow Bandz is made of the highest quality making it genuinely durable. This product is proudly made from the USA. It has prolatch system that keeps everything inside safe and secure. Moreover, it has easy to grip handle making it easy to carry your loom kit with you.Aside from the top quality it brings, we offer our product at an affordable price. So, if ever you are having troubles with bands of every color mixing together and piles of plastic bags cluttering the table, then this organizational box is the one you are looking for.


Where to Buy:

Rainbow Bandz Organiziation Box



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50 Things to Know to Downsize Your Life

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.


Organization… We all need it. Some of us have it down to an art, others use lists, others do everything on the fly-or not at all-due to a great lack of it.  I, am in the middle. I live by lists. Lists about cleaning, lists about places I have to be. Lists about what order to do my lists. Lists telling me to write a list. I have them all.

You probably read that and think, ‘If you live by lists, doesn’t that mean you are not in the middle, but on the side of organization?’  (and maybe you didn’t, but who am I to know? )    I am here to say, no. I also live on ignoring my lists. I write them in the attempt to stay organized, do things in a good order, get more done-then I ignore them. It’s inevitable.  No matter how hard I try, I always manage to ignore the lists I make. Whether it’s about where to be or what to do, something gets written off.

For example, I have been working super hard to get my bedroom clean. No big deal, right? Wrong. My room hadn’t been cleaned since before my youngest was born a year and a half ago. Actually,about three or four months before he was born.  So for almost two years it has sat in disarray gathering everything from clothes on the floor to kids toys, books, some garbage (nothing gross-just wrappers etc) and anything else that happened to just get chucked in there. (we have a small house-how many places are there to put it? 😉 )

Anyways, I’ve been working on this since the beginning of last week. That’s really not bad considering I’m chasing three kids under six, home schooling my oldest, and keeping up on all the other housework as well. (Plus this blog and a fan page for freebies-you should totally check it out! http://facebook.com/freelygiven2) Sorry-I digress… Well, I had a list made for Saturday to get it all finished. It only had three things on it-super easy too. And-yep, you guessed it-I ignored it. So now it has to go on my list for tomorrow and that is one less thing I can get done in the house because I need to take the time to do that.

So how can I become more organized?

We all want to know-isn’t that why you’re reading this post and I’m writing it right now? How can we become more organized? Is it easy to downsize? What steps do I take? Can I really achieve a simpler life with less cleaning and less clutter?

Yes! You most certainly can! And the book 50 Things to Know to Downsize Your Life by Lisa M. Rusczyk M. Ed. tells you exactly what you can do to get started! It isn’t just about downsizing-it hits on organization, simplifying life, and ways to gain peace and experiences with family as well.

If you are a huge fan of good grammar-don’t read this book. But if it doesn’t bother you to have a few misused words and lack of grammatical order-then this is an easy read. Although the grammar through me off a little, I was able to get past it and read the book for what it was. It was filled with good tips and great ways to bring a little order to life without needing to spend hours a day cleaning and losing time with those we love.

Among the tips were:

Think like a hiker.  (pack light so to speak)

Get rid of unused gifts.  (re-gift, donate, sell)

Meal Plan.

Avoid the $1 Rack in stores (or that awesome 75%-80% off rack at Kohls)

And so many more!


Because this book is written in a list form, it is easy to read and even easier to follow. It can even be used as a check list if you want. It also has a great “10 Things to Know to Save Money on Your Electric Bill” extra at the end with some more useful tips on how to save money-and organize your electronics.


So If you are looking to get organized-run, don’t walk-over and get your own copy of 50 Things to Know to Downsize Your Life  from Amazon. (at a low price of $2.99!)


Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/Things-Know-Downsize-Your-Life-ebook/dp/B00CC3A0ZS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1399247464&sr=8-1&keywords=50+things+to+know+to+downsize+your+life%2C+organize%2C+and+get+back+to+basics




I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.