Shazzy Fitness-Shake What the Father Gave Ya!

I recently received two Shazzy Fitness Dvd’s to review and I absolutely LOVE them!



Here is a quick look at what the workouts look like:


There are two Dvd’s you can get. The first is called “In the Beginning” and it is meant for beginner dancers. It offers two 10 minute workouts and a bonus workout. Both workouts have two prompted dances and one un-promted dance. They are high energy, beginner level workouts put to Christian Hip Hop/Rap.

I absolutely loved this Dvd. I have yet to do the bonus workout, but the 10 minute work outs are great for busy people (aren’t we all?) and are really good at getting every muscle working and moving. In just ten minutes, I was pouring sweat and could feel every muscle working, but I had a huge smile on my face. Yep-a smile! It is so much fun! The fact that it is a great work out put to Christian music is awesome too! The dance moves are easy to pick up on, the music is uplifting, and they are just long enough to engage muscles and get sweat flowing, but short enough I can slip in a workout during nap time or while the kids are eating breakfast. (or lunch lol)

More information:

  • Beginner-level aerobic dance moves, perfect for all abilities
  • Muscles worked: quadriceps, hamstrings, biceps, triceps & abs
  • Combination of isotonic and isometric exercises
  • Cool-down segment included

Here is a sneak peak of “In the Beginning” :


The second Dvd is “A Time to Dance”. This Dvd is an intermediate workout and is great if you already know some of the dance moves.This Dvd also offers two 10 minute workouts and a bonus workout. It again is a high tempo, low impact hip hop dance workout set to Christian music.

I did give it a try, but I have to admit-I am a TERRIBLE dancer! 😉  Despite being a very bad dancer, I had a blast dancing along (or trying to) with Vera, Apollo, Leslie and all the other dancers. The music has a way of drawing you in and making you want to move, making the work out that much easier to do. My all time favorite dance is in the first workout, and it is to the song “I’m a Believer” (think “Teach me How to Duggie”). It is a blast and they use some well known dance moves mixed with some that mix it up a little.

More information:

  • A dance party with lo-impact, highly intense hip-hop dance moves
  • Ideal for dance enthusiasts or those ready to advance to next level
  • Benefits: cardiovascular endurance, fat-burning, dance techniques
  • Extra bonus dance workout included.

A sneak peak: of “A Time to Dance”:


No matter what level dancer you are or what your fitness level is, these Dvd’s are an awesome fitness tool and  a ton of fun. They are great for anyone having a hard time getting motivated or short on time. Once the Dvd is in and the music starts to play, it’s like there’s no stopping the urge to dance.One thing I didn’t mention above is the AWESOME testimonies the trainers share on the Dvd telling a little bit about themselves and why they are so excited about these Dvds.  Motivation will not be lacking and with each workout only being 10 minutes, time won’t be an issue. I highly recommend checking out the videos and also their website.

Right now you can get the Dvd’s for $29.99 for both at . This is a great deal and very worth the money!

To learn more, you can visit: or

I highly recommend  (I know I keep saying it-but I do!) you take a look and purchase this awesome workout-it will be that extra lift in your day/week and it really does get the blood & sweat flowing.



Stay fit and God bless!



108 and Feeling Great

I promised weekly updates, so here goes… Sorry for being two days behind. 😉

I am super excited to share. Not because I am losing 10 pounds a week or because I am looking my best-but because I am excited to see the changes I’m making and have made and the results of those changes. I’m going to start with the goals and how I did, then go more into it. (or some of it 😉 )

Goal 1: Eat More Green-This week, I tried, but gotta admit, I went more LESS than Green.

     I did attempt to add more veggies to our meals and snack on veggies more than chips or cookies; but observationally looking back on the week, I ended up just snacking less and eating less at meals. I don’t know if it had to do with my progress in Goal 4 (more in a minute) or more to do with self control. (I actually hope both!)

Goal 2: Work out (or walk/run) for 20 minutes a day.

     Although I did not meet this goal, I did make steps in the right direction. I have found an awesome new work out DVD called Shazzy Fitness. It’s a great workout program that offers fast 10 minute work outs (making less chance of excuse on my part!). I still didn’t do it every day, but I did do it five out of seven days. It is a ton of fun and I am hoping to add back some of my usual workouts and some running in there now that it’s starting to warm up. (yes, I am a super wimp-I admit it!)  I’ll be sharing more about Shazzy Fitness with you soon!

Goal 3: Drink a cup of Green Tea a day.

     This one, I have changed a little bit. (they’re my goals-that’s the beauty of it!) Instead of focusing on just Green tea, or Black tea, even white tea; after looking up the benefits of tea (hot) I have found they all offer a lot of the same benefits but caffeine content is different between the types. (Black has some of the highest counts and then Green) I have decided that instead of drinking tea every day as a rule, that it would be more beneficial to drink tea instead of coffee at least five days out of seven (I love my coffee, so trying not to completely delete it all at once-just turning it into a treat).

I also have been trading out a “midnight snack” with decaf tea. I have really liked it because I have found my energy levels are more steady throughout the day with tea (no crash mid day) and at night when I drink tea opposed to eating a snack I was more relaxed and of course hydrated, before bed and slept better than if I had just snacked before bed.

Goal 4: Drink more water.

    I am up to six cups of water and two cups of tea a day (that counts as water, right? lol) so I’m on track to meet that goal soon. I am not a very good water drinker, so I’ve been adding more a little bit each day so that I can catch the habit. It seems to be working. I have felt better over all and am snacking/eating less and I believe it is in part to not being so thirsty all the time. (Mama always told me that if I didn’t drink enough, my body could be tricked to feel hungry….Looks like Mama was right ;p)

Goal 5: Lose 1.5-2.5 lbs a week.

    I am extremely excited about this one, because I actually met my goal this week. Last week I was weighing in at 210.6 pounds, I am now 208.2. Got on the scale and saw that and couldn’t help but do a happy dance! I haven’t been under 210 since having I-man. This is a huge step for me-and I am looking forward to the next steps forward.

Before I close, I am going to present something that isn’t a new idea, but I’ve been thinking, it’s a great one. There are so many ways to keep track of what we eat-but one I’ve been seeing keeps me most on track, is simply putting it on paper myself. Sure there are awesome ways to do that online or with my phone-but I don’t feel so accountable to my computer or phone. But when I take pen, and write on paper what I have put in my mouth and swallowed in a day, it really makes me have to think. It works great with water consumption and exercise too. Having that piece of paper right in front of me to look at has really been a good kick in the behind.

What are your thoughts on that? What makes you feel more accountable or what tricks to staying on track do you have? Comment below-I would love to hear from you!

Til next week, stay on track, eat healthy , and be well!



Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Created by J. Herman Pine in 1870, Pine Brothers has been soothing sore throats for over 140 years. Their proprietary blend of natural ingredients combine with their famed “soft drop” consistency to produce, in their opinion, (and mine!) the most delicious throat drop in the history of the world and possibly earlier. To know Pine Brothers, is to love them. Pine Brothers is an American original, unique in every way.

I recently received Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops to try and I am really excited to tell you about these. (Who ever though I would say that?? ;p)

They come in Natural Honey or Wild Cherry and taste just as they are described. I have been very biased toward the Honey flavor, but they are equally just as good. Soon they will be coming out with Licorice (I bet kids will love that!) and Lemon Citrus.

I have to admit I was unsure what I would think of them being softish (they are gummy, but NOT chewable) opposed to the hard alternatives we usually use. Admittedly, the first one I tried, I did not like the texture, mainly because it was different and I had the desire to chew it since it wasn’t hard. (that didn’t work out so well!) But by the second one later that day I was okay with it and found that it was way better at soothing my sore throat than the cough drops I am so used to using do.

Because they don’t melt into a a liquid really, but more like a salve (or, imagine swallowing honey-for real!) it didn’t hurt to swallow and they didn’t melt as fast giving longer, fuller results. The honey ones especially seemed to coat my sore throat protecting it from further damage from coughing etc. Due to the fact they coated my throat, it also decreased that feeling like I needed to cough or clear my throat giving my throat time to heal and feel better.

I highly recommend these throat drops to anyone experiencing a cough or throat pain. You can find them at the local CVS or Walgreens and they can also be found on Amazon and Ebay. They come in bags of 32 drops (not individually wrapped) or in plastic travel containters (like you would find mints in) with 26 drops. They range from $2.99-$5.99 in price so they are very affordable in price, and you will find you use less than the conventional cough drop because they help soothe AND protect your delicate throat.

For more information, to purchase, or to see what all the buzz is about you can find these amazing little throat drops at:

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Where You’ll Find me

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Week 10 Going on 11

Okay, so it is very safe to say I have been terrible at keeping you up to date on this challenge. The truth is, I find it confusing to remember what week I am on sometimes. I don’t have the chart in front of me, and I think I may need to write down what each week is on the calendar.

However, this week on Friday (or Thursday-depends on your pay day) we should all be up to $55 dollars in our savings account and adding $11. So, despite forgetting we are up to $60 in our 52 week challenge savings and will be adding $11 on the 22nd.

I am going to continue doing this challenge through the end of the year, but my honest opinion is that saving would be easier, more efficient, and more yielding, if we were to set up direct deposit of 5 or 6% of our paycheck each week.

For example, if we made $600 a week, it would be easy enough to set up direct deposit of 6% and in return we would be adding $36 a week. Or $144/$180 a month (based on four or five week month)  That is a whopping $1,872 in comparison to $1,378 and you didn’t even have to remember or lift a finger. That’s a difference of $494. And we aren’t even considering over time, bonuses, or raises!

Anyways, this program (52 week challenge) is great for newbies to saving, or those looking to get better at it/save for a trip/special treat etc . I recommend trying it for yourself and seeing what you think of it. Feel free to give your thoughts in the comments below, or send me a message.

Don’t forget to save your $11 this week!!

Losing is Winning

I have been very leery about posting on here about my weight. I would think about writing about my weight and goals, then turn off the computer with my tail between my legs.

It’s a fact. It is hard to talk about weight. Even when we are skinny, healthy, and in shape it can be hard. And I’m far from it.

But, I am getting better! And that is what spurred me to finally write. I am not going to sit here and tell you I work out for hours a day, take lots of walks, or even run miles a day. In fact, I can’t even say I’ve eaten super healthy. However, I can tell you that I am eating better portions, eating less snack foods, drinking more tea and water (opposed to energy drinks and coffee), and spending less time sitting down and more time doing something, whether with my kids or around the house.

And, it’s working! Since I started to eat healther (about Feb. 20th or so) I have lost 10 pounds. I know that isn’t a lot, but for me it is huge. You see, it is hard for me to lose weight, and having not worked out, this progress is even more exciting.  You see, I started at 220 lbs. My largest weight ever. I have many excuses for being that large, but honestly, at this point none of them are viable because I could have lost the weight before now. I have just been lazy, or overindulgent, if I think about it.

I am not proud of that. In fact, it embarrasses me to think I could be so bad about something as important as my health.  My goal is another 75 pounds this year. I know I can do it. But I have to get up and DO something. Eating better has helped, but now I need to work for it.

In an attempt to form some accountability for myself, I am going to share my goals with you.

1. Eat more green. I want more fruits and vegetables in my diet and less grains and sugars. (of the processed form)

2. Walk, Run, or work out for at least 20-30 minutes a day. I know I am busy with my kids, blog, homeschooling, and keeping house, but there is always time.

3. Drink a cup of green tea a day. (or add green tea to a snack/smoothie) I know it sounds weird, but to me I will go into the benefits of green tea in another blog post coming soon.

4. Drink 8-12 glasses of water a day and cut back juices and milk.

5. Lose  1.5-2.5 pounds a week. (lose 75-80 pounds by Jan 1, 2015)


I am looking forward to working toward these goals. Some I have already been working on. One of my weaknesses is eating out or getting pizza. I know I need to cut back on those. I have cut back on snacks and cookies, so I know it is possible. And I would like to point out that I am not looking to cut everything out of my diet because that sets me up to over indulge later when a favorite food is in front of me opposed to enjoying in small doses. I will post weekly (Sometimes daily, but I don’t want to promise that and forget lol) and let you know how I am doing with my goal. If I reach my goal early, it would be even better! 🙂

Thank you all for your support and I hope to write for you all again soon!

God bless,



Recently I purchased an Otterbox from Ebay. The price was right, and in the pictures, everything looked viable. Unfortunately, when it came, I could tell something just wasn’t right. Now, I understand that not everyone has another Otterbox Defender in their house to go by. Luckily, my DH has one, so I did. But for those of you who don’t, here are things to look for in your new Otterbox and how to tell if it is real or a knock off version of the real thing.

The knock off is actually very convincing. It looks like the real thing, and it cost online about the same as others (on Ebay-regularly or in store they would be about $20 more). When I received it, it just didn’t “feel” right. The outer casing didn’t feel like my DH’s, the clear screen cover was cloudy (and couldn’t be cleaned), the clip was cheaply made, and the picture was poorly placed/worn/cheaply done. The outer cover also failed to fit the plastic casing that comes with the defender and the buttons were extremely hard to push. In turn, I lost battery life, had a hard time seeing my screen (it was not clear/looked dimmed), and I felt very uneasy carrying my phone anywhere in fear that it would break even with this case on.

Seeing the differences between my husband and my phone, I proceeded to look at our cases. Mine had a clearly marked “Made in China” sign in it and his “Made in USA”. Red flags flew in my mind. I immediately called Otterbox. They assured me my case was real and thanked me for acting as a “watch dog” of sorts. Then they proceeded to look for anything that may be wrong with my case so they could replace it. Honestly, I didn’t mind. It was a new case. What I found out on their website, though, is typically they will ask for an item being returned/replaced to be sent to them after pictures are taken of the inner stamp and outercase color/defect.

Although I am grateful to have the real deal on my phone and I am no longer uncomfortable with my case and it’s ability to protect, I am going  to share different ways to know if what you are getting is real. (Please note, if it says “Made in China” or “Made in Mexico” it does not instantly make it a knock off-Otterbox representatives have informed me that they do manufacture in those areas and they also state the same online. (

Here are the differences:

1. Fit/screen cover quality


Although it is impossible to tell in this photo (My fault), the fit of the case was different. Both cases were snug, but the faux case was a thicker plastic that was harder to put together/take apart and the phone did not sit right in the case as far as camera placement and where the speaker fell. From first glance, the inside of both cases are identical, except one was made in China, the other here in the US. Another thing to look for is cloudy appearance when putting the case on your phone. Your screen should be crystal clear when it is on, it should not seem dimmed. I had to turn my brightness way up while I had the faux case because it made it looked dim and cloudy.

2. Color

IMG_2265 IMG_2264 IMG_2259IMG_2266

The real Otterbox is on the left and the knock off is on the right.  The faux is on top and the real is on the bottom. Notice how the fake case is actually Darker than the real case. Not having seen the real in person before ( I had tried for weeks and kept showing up five minutes too late, that’s why I resigned myself to Ebay), the design and color really did not look off to me online. The scratching and scuffing in the middle happened within days of owning my case. Below the pics of my cases, is a picture of my DH’s case. He has had his case since Christmas and there is still no scuffing, and he is way more abusive of his phone than I am since his goes to work in a factory with him etc. (the white look on the corner was my flash-sorry!)

3. Picture quality/scuffing

Using the above pictures, you can also see scuffing around the outside of the case where the picture lays on the outer case. That was there when it arrived and also it was “dented” or wrinkled near the mic hole and  the gray is darker also. On the genuine Otterbox you can see that the picture is clearer, lays flat, and the gray is a lighter version than the faux case.

4. Outer case feel/shape

To explain this, I can’t really use pictures. When I received the knock off case, the outside cover (goes around the plastic casing) was firm and felt plasticy. The real thing is more formable and feels like it has a little grip. It feels rubbery, not hard. The buttons on the faux case were also extremely hard to push and it was almost impossible to shut my phone off or turn the volume up/down without removing the case. The real case is easy to use and it doesn’t feel like I have to use both hands to turn it up/down or turn the screen off etc. It should be easy to use. If it isn’t, you may have a knockoff. (Claiming it isn’t real can not include just that, other factors are involved.)

      IMG_2260 IMG_2261 

Fake                                                               Real


Real                                                                                              Fake

The Pictures above show just how hard to tell the difference it can be. They look almost identical. Some details are more obvious than others. The largest difference in looks between the fake and the real Otterbox Defender is the fake does not lay flat, and the fake does not have any space between the case and the button, where there is room for the button to move on the real case. At face value they look very much alike.

5. The Clip


Fake                                             Real                                    Fake                      Real                              Fake


Real                                                                  Real                                                           Fake

The clip was one of the hardest things to distinguish from the other. The differences were very subtle. You will notice that the fake clip is more deliberate with their stamping near the outside corner, but the stamping throughout the clip otherwise is sporadic, and a bit thin. Another subtle difference to look at is the detail around the outside corners where they have squares stamped out. The Real has an L shape in the top left hand corner, where the fake sticks to the square shape around the whole case clip. The clip sizes are a little different as well, the fake is actually larger than the real clip. Also, when you try to re-adjust the way your clip faces (whether your phone sits up and down when clipped or side to side, easier put horizontal or vertical) the real clip is very hard to adjust, I believe that is in an attempt to keep the phone from “spinning” as they do with some cases. The fake case clip is also hard to adjust, but not as much so as the real clip.

6. The Box

I will go into more detail on this because in most Ebay post, they put more box pictures than anything else. Pay close attention to the differences. If I had known of them, I would have paid more for a different case opposed to getting a fake case. I would also like to point out, that if you end up with a fake case, or purchase a “new case” and it comes used, Otterbox is not obligated to replace your case. I happened to get “lucky” so to speak when getting my case replaced.


IMG_2250 IMG_2249


IMG_2246 IMG_2251

The first thing I would like to point out is the top and bottom of the box. The first real red flag should be drawn if there is no metallic sticker on the top displaying the Otter logo. A genuine Otterbox should have this sticker whether found in store or online. The handle is also a bit different. The real otterbox has a thinner, more shiny handle while the faux Otterbox box has a thicker handle that looks more grainy. The second thing to stand out is the UPC code. I had never taken the time to look at the UPC code before now, so I point this out now in an attempt to help others. The UPC code above the scan code should be made up of all numbers. The faux box clearly has a long code made up of both letters and numbers along the top. The bottom UPC is a little harder to go by since as long as it has ten numbers as with other codes, it won’t be as simple to detect. In my case, special care was taken to assure the first five numbers matched to a T.

IMG_2248  IMG_2245

Real                                                                                                  Fake

The back of the faux box will look almost identical to the real box and it will be hard to tell in pictures if it is real or not. In person the writing will be duller and harder to read.

IMG_2244  IMG_2247

Again, the fake and real Otterbox box look scarily similar in pictures and in person. The scan codes are a little different (if you have real and fake next to the other, the difference is subtle, but exists)  and the color green used for the band is different. (I will show further below)  The writing used look almost exact minus the fake looks darker in pictures than the real does.  The insert put into the fake and real Otterbox packaging is also very similar making it difficult to tell the difference between real and faux. I will show further in a moment.


Fake                                            Real                                            Top: Fake Bottom: Real

If you look closely, you will notice a size difference between the fake and real box. The fake Otterbox packaging is actually a bit taller. The color difference for the bands is also more obvious now. The fake will be a darker, more olive colored green while the real is more of a medium kelly green.  It is a little more obvious that the faux box has a darker scan code than the real box does and that helps show differences in the code itself.

Also using the above pictures, you may see some subtle differences in the inserts that come in the box. The picture looks extremely similar, but it would be a safe assumption that even if printer ink was lower/higher the images would look alike. I highly doubt that someone sits there penciling in the color on the map. The fake insert will have darker ink and be less filled in while the real insert will be more filled in but have a lighter ink.  If you have already gotten an Otterbox Defender, the insert should be folded in half first then quartered. There will be an Otterbox logo on the front and back if folded properly. The faux insert looks exactly like the real insert (minus the map ink I already mentioned) except that it will not be folded properly. When you first attempt to unfold it, you will find it opens in half into a quarter  instead of out into two quarters. When you go to fold the fake it will fold into sides before it folds in half where the true Otterbox insert will fold into half before it quarters.

I understand that some of these sound petty or for strange things to look for, but it could save you time/money. I recommend if purchasing an Otterbox (or anything else for that matter) from Ebay, and can’t tell if it is real etc message the seller for pictures of the box, upc codes etc because online it will be what you have to go by. I would like to point out again that cases are made in Mexico, China, and the US so it is almost impossible to go soley based on the Made in marking. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of your case, you can email or call Otterbox. (Contact info can be found at under the support tab or at the bottom of the page)

If you find that your case is indeed a fake, you can contact Ebay and resolve through them, and I recommend contacting the seller first and see if they are willing to resolve the issue or work with you. (they may not be aware as well) If they won’t work with you, go directly to Ebay and make sure to point out advertising such as “New” exact item, etc so that Ebay can best help you. (replacement, money back, banning seller etc) You may find if you talk to Otterbox directly they may work with you as well to get you the correct product as well. They will ask for product pictures and to see the stamps in the outer case and clip.

Please note: If you order from Ebay and they have NO stamps whatsoever etc you won’t need to go by this list at all. You indeed have an illegal knock off…  (there will be two circles on both the outer shell and the clip with numbers etc and the “Made in” logo)

I hope this was helpful and keeps others from making the same mistake I did.
God bless!


Buying from Ebay? 6 Things to look for in an Otterbox Defender


Freely Given

Come like my new Fan page on Facebook and stay up to date on all the great Freebies, enter great giveaways (to come soon!), share your favorite recipes, blogs, pages, or businesses, and just come Freely Give of yourself and Freely enjoy the great things on the page. Feel Free to make suggestions, comment, and ask questions too!  🙂

Turbo Tax Party

Last week I received my Party Box from House party for my awesome Turbo Tax File with Confidence Party! I will show you what came in my box and give you some details on my party. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am really excited about my upcoming Tax party! (Hopefully people show up!)


Here is a picture of everything in the kit. I won’t explain the whole thing all at once, but I gotta say, I wasn’t expecting some of what came in my kit and I love it!


The first thing that came in my kit was a TurboTax T-shirt. I am actually putting this in the “grand prize” drawing I am doing (given any of you come! 😉 ) It’s a size L and is just a simple white T=shirt with TurboTax on it. I think it’s a great around the house t-shirt or to wear to a color run or savage race (what’s more fun to get dirty or colorful than white? ;p)  I am really excited to offer this to one of my lucky guests!


What is cooler when filing taxes than a cool pair of sunglasses?? The first three people to make it are getting a pair! (Of course, I can’t help you file without my own awesome pair LOL)  Look cool in your shades while you sweat out your taxes!


Temporary Tattoos! What gets better than temp tattoos with a Turbo Tax Check Marks? We can get “Tatted up” while we find the best deductions and get your biggest return yet! (yeah, I already filed LOL Probably should have said that to begin with ;P)


100% OFF!!!! Your tax return! What is better than that? Because I have already filed, one lucky attendee will receive 100% off their tax return! That’s right it will be absolutely FREE! BUT you have to come to get it! (RSVP in the comments below-or email me at the address I will provide a little later)


50% Off!! Not the lucky winner? That’s okay! Everyone who comes will receive 50% off their return! Isn’t that exciting? Pay less and make more with Turbo Tax! Get your largest return and do it with confidence!


Magnet Chalk board and chalk. I have yet to come up with any ideas with this, but am thinking of having using it for a tally of best returns or most deductions or credits and winner gets a prize or something. Or, maybe a tax version of Pictionary…Who knows;Sky is the limit! (if you have any ideas, comment them below! I am open to anything!)


Last but not lease- Balloons! What is a party without balloons?? My only question if I should add helium or not…All those taxes, I can imagine some Helium voices in the future. HAHAHA

So, anyways, come get Tatted up, wear your sweet sunglasses, attend to win 100% off, play games, eat good food, and get the best returns you can get. The whole day, Turbo Tax will also be offering tax officers to answer any and all questions anyone has exclusively for those attending the File with Confidence party, so have any questions you have ready! Don’t worry, no one is going to pry into your finances, but we will help keep each other sane, have fun, play games, and win prizes. My goal is to make your filing process FUN, not the pain it can sometimes be. Not comfortable filing here? NO PROBLEM! Come or let me know you can’t make it and I will send you your 50% off card. (but you must come in order to win the 100% off!!)

Here are the Party Details:

Date: March 15, 2013

Time: 3:00-6:00 pm

Where: My house-RSVP and contact me for address/directions. (I am not posting for privacy reasons)

What: A fun time of games, gifts, food, and taxes. 🙂

RSVP by March 11, 2014 by email or comment below.


I look forward to seeing you there or hearing from you for your discount card!

God bless,


Petal Soft with Tone Body Wash

A few weeks ago I received Tone Body Wash in Petal Soft with Pink Peony & Rose Oil from BzzAgent to try.  With in days I told you all about what I thought about it. Well, weeks later I still LOVE it! You really should try it! It is made with spa-inspired ingredients and moisturizers meant to pamper your skin and leave your skin feeling healthy, soft, and moisturized.


Since using this body wash, my skin has felt softer, smoother, and more hydrated than ever before-especially considering the time of year and how dry it has been this year. It is also great for a relaxing foot bath, it soothes, hydrates, and pampers your feet. I am absolutely in love with Tone Body wash, and they even offer bar soaps and foaming hand wash in all their delectable scents.

My favorite thing about their soaps, body wash, and hand cleansers, is they all include the same spa-inspired ingredients, so no matter what scent or product I choose, I know I’m getting the same great product and will get the same amazing results. Some of the ingredients they include in their products are: cocoa butter, white clay, alpha-hydroxy fruit acids, rose oil, shea butter, Deep Sea Extracts,  & Pearl Essence. Each and every ingredient sounds as delectable as it smells; and each works with your skin to create soft, nourished skin.

I could go on forever, but instead, I will just leave you to choose between dry, undernourished skin or soft, hydrated, nourished skin.

If you haven’t tried Tone body wash, bar soap, or foaming hand soap, I highly recommend you go out and try it! I only hope one day they come out with a shampoo that works as well as their soaps! Go out and get your own today and enjoy all the amazing features and the spa moment in your shower!

God Bless!


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I received this product free from BzzAgent for testing purposes.