The Healthy Me Team


My kids like many kids out there LOVE their sweets. We as adults know how important it is to limit our sugar intake and eat healthy foods. This book is a great introduction to healthy eating put into rhyme. I have to admit some of the rhymes in this book were a reach and it didn’t flow as well as some books do, but because my kids loved it, it really didn’t bother me too much. It showed through pictures of colorful little creatures how unhealthy foods fight our bodies instead of work with them-and my kids seemed to really like the illustrations.

My kids didn’t really understand that sugar isn’t good for us or why and this book has really helped. It shows a young boy growing up while making good food choices and eventually having a son of his own. My oldest really seemed to get the meaning behind growing up older and stronger and has been asking a lot of questions about what she eats and if it is good for her and help her grow up to be a mommy like me. (that’s my awww moment 😉 ) My two younger children (4,2) didn’t really seem to understand it yet-but my six year old really got it so this is probably better for an older age range like 6-12 perhaps. Overall, I like the message behind this book and that my daughter can read this on her own and I can still take the time to read it with my kids. They really liked this book and we have read it a few times already and my daughter seems to pick up something new each time. Great book!


Product Description:

An adorable children ebook :

Do you want your child to eat more fruits and vegetables?
Do you want him to make healthier choices?
This book is for you!
The Healthy Me team is the story of vitamins and minerals that fight artificial colors and white sugar in our kid’s body.
It is recommended to the ages 2-7.
This story is written in a way that makes your child want to eat healthier

Want them to eat fewer snacks?

The Healthy Me Team is a full rhymed story about vitamins and minerals that fight artificial colors and white sugar in our kids’ body.

“Whenever they met it was a real battle:

White sugar not letting the mineral settle,

Protein fights but is pushed away,

Has no chance to even stay!”

This is a wonderful book about a boy and his sister that illustrates the battle in our body when we don’t eat healthy food. Our boy needs to grow and become stronger but his choices of eating make the little creatures (protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals) inside him weak.

Will they win the battle of artificial colors and white sugar?

Will the boy be able to grow and make the right choices?

This beginner reader’s eBook will inspire your kids to make the right nutrition choices:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Eat less unhealthy snacks
  • Exercise more

Your kids will enjoy full-color illustrations of vitamins, minerals, calcium, artificial colors, white sugar and more.

The Healthy Me Team is a sweet children’s book written especially for you and your ages 2- 8 children, with rhymed text and 20 colorful illustrations.

The story is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or aa self-read book for beginner readers .



Where to Purchase:
Children’s book: The Healthy Me Team: A Battle of Vitamin and Mineral Against Artificial Colors and White Sugar (Eat Healthy Fruits & Vegetables and Avoid Junk Food Book 1)



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Style Writer 4

Ever gone to write a paper and hit a block? Not sure the proper grammar, spelling, wording, etc. to use? Perhaps you have the habit of using a lot of jargon in your writing that others just may not understand. That is where SyleWriter 4 comes in. It is a handy little program that can pick out things such as an over use of glue words or the wrong word choice and help come up with a better way to form the sentence. It also picks out your slang or jargon and offers easy word replacements that simplify your writing so all who read it can understand what it is you are trying to say.

I have really enjoyed using StyleWriter 4 in my everyday writing. It is simple to use, just select the section of writing you would like to have “analyzed” and open up StyleWriter 4. If it doesn’t automatically show the section of paragraph you have copied to the clipboard, just go to the file menu and click on ‘Open’. It will open the text from your clipboard and completely analyze the whole section for you from sentence construction to words used and more. It has done a lot to improve my writing skills and has gotten me past ruts and blocks I have come against. I found out that in some areas I am not that good at writing, and in others I really excel. It turns out I have great grammar, but I have a BAD habit of using a lot of ‘glue words’ that are not overly necessary.  I also use a lot of words of emphasis that are not necessary-but I tend to ignore StyleWriter on those, because I must admit, I love a bit of the dramatic. 😉

Overall, this program has been great! I have used it when writing up documents on Word to use for the charity race I am heading up. I also have used it when writing my blog posts (such as this one) and to proof a few more important documents I have worked on over the last few months. This program would be great for students, whether in public, private, or home schools. (or for those in college) It is also great for the working professional, blogger, writers, or even charity workers. It will help each document look more put together and have a more professional feel to it. They offer three forms of the program and a free trial to try any of the three and choose which you would like or would work best in your situation. It does not take long to figure out and is very self explanatory.

Product Description:

Become a Better Writer Instantly With the World’s Most Powerful Editing Software!

StyleWriter will make you a better writer – we guarantee it. A bold claim we know, but that’s what our users tell us. Thousands of people download StyleWriter every month and use it to edit advertising copy, business reports, contracts, manuals, newsletters or web pages. Even professional journalists and novelists use the program to polish their writing style.

StyleWriter is the best editing and proofreading software on the market. Designed by professional proofreaders, editors and experts in plain English, StyleWriter brings together the techniques used by the best writers to help you write in a clear, concise and readable style. All other proofreading and editing software aids are usually just overpriced spelling and grammar checkers and little more than what you already have in Microsoft Word.

StyleWriter’s different. It shows
you how to work like a professional
editor. StyleWriter will show you
how to simplify, cut and rewrite.

It shows you how to run the
editor’s pen through your draft to
produce a shorter, clearer and more
readable style.

This is the style of
the best journalists working on
national newspapers and
international magazines.



Where to Purchase:

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Red Apple Reading Program

I have thoroughly enjoyed using Red Apple Reading as a supplement to my kids’ home school curriculum. Teaching my daughter to read has actually been one of the more difficult things I have done. Not that she isn’t able or I’m not able, but sometimes we are not on the same page, so to speak. This program makes learning to read fun with games, activities, and fun apps just for kids. It is specially designed for children ages 3-9 which is perfect, because not only can my 5.5 year old daughter use it, but my four year old son has also started using it and later when Iman gets older, he can use it as well since it allows up to three child accounts under one parent account. (can we say Perfect?! by the time Bean is old enough to stop using the program, perhaps baby #4 (not yet thought of lol) will be around and ready to take that third account spot! 😉 )

When Bean signs in it opens up and lets her choose her level. We are using level B right now, but soon she will start level C. It goes to a map and starts with letter sounds and simple words and expands to harder words and letter sounds etc. to build upon the reading skills of the child. If something was “too easy” for Bean, she could simply skip that particular lesson and move to the next. It has helped her leaps and bounds! She is now trying to read things while we are out running errands or when she sees a billboard she will sound things out and is really blooming as an early reader. It is so exciting to see! I really don’t know if she would be doing so well if not for the help of Red Apple Reading.

As I touched on briefly, my four year old son has started using this program as well. His teacher mentioned he really liked the online program she uses there and I was already using this with Bean, so I thought I would give it a go with him. He has speech delays and doesn’t really talk a lot to other people, but since starting to work with Red Apple Reading program, not only is getting his letter sounds and learning, he is starting to talk more and interact in school in ways he wasn’t before. This program is a great, well rounded one as far as learning goes. The best part is my kids are having a great time while they use it!

Red Apple offers 5 FREE apps to those who use the program that can be found on i-tunes or Google Play and the kids just love them too. Each lesson starts with a video then is followed by three “games” that reiterate the concept being taught and they look and feel just like games making it great for kids of any age. (especially those who love to play online!) The program is good for reading levels from beginner to third grade, so it’s not a program that is only good for one specific age or level, but one that builds on itself and can be used from grade pre-k to 3rd. (perfect for home schooling families!)  I absolutely love this program and plan to use it for all of my kids and for years to come. I can not wait for the pre-school level to be released in January!




Product Description:

Red Apple Reading makes learning to read fun for children ages 4 to 9, teaching fundamental reading skills online with animated videos and games! The HD graphics and lovable characters captivate young school-aged children, turning them into active, confident readers.
-Over 700 fun activities and videos
-Phonics, sight words, vocabulary, and reading comprehension
-Great for struggling readers, English learners, and early readers
-Children play games and learn at their own pace
-Developed by educational experts and aligned to Common Core
-Members-only apps included with online purchase
-Free Trial lets you try before you buy

The entire program is designed for children ages 3-9 who are reading below a 3rd grade reading level, the essential years for learning how to read. Park Planet focuses primarily on Kindergarten and 1st grade reading skills, ages 5-7. Island Adventures has 1st thru 3rd grade foundational reading skills and is recommended for ages 6-9. They are both based on Common Core State Standards and can be accessed from any computer with Internet access, and are also available as apps. Carnival Fun will complete the program and is designed for preschoolers ages 3-5. It teaches critical pre-reading skills and is expected to release January 2015.

Where to Purchase:

Free trial:



 *Note: While I am not an advocate for Common Core, in fact, I do not advocate it at all-this program is Common Core aligned. Otherwise, it is a great program. I am not a teacher or education professional, just a home school mom who loves trying new learning products and sharing them! 🙂

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Amazing Facts About Astronauts

While this book has some grammatical errors, it is a great book for younger kids, say 4-8 or so. My six year old was easily able to read this book by herself and the facts were good and very interesting. The pictures were nothing extra special, but fortunately, we worry more about what our kids are reading than the quality of pictures they are looking at. Despite, the pictures are a mixture of photographs and clip art like pictures and my kids seemed to find them interesting no matter what quality they were.

While reading the facts, my kids had a grand time pretending to be astronauts and coming up with things they would do if they were one. This was a great book to introduce my children to astronauts and spend some quality time with them as well. We used it for a supplement one day and we had a blast with it. We learned a lot about astronauts and even who the first astronauts to the moon were. This is a great book for younger children and young readers.


Product Description:

Prime Members and Kindle UnLimted Get This for FREE


Little Lady ( ) Wrote :

Amazing Facts about Astronauts is all about, yes you got is, Astronauts. The book starts off with a brief history of how Astronauts go there name. Little do they know that it has its roots dated back to the Greeks. Then again so does most of the planets so I guess this makes sense.

After the kids have a brief understanding, the book talks about what it teaks to become an Austronaut. Here is where the book gets really different. It talks about people like Sally Ride and Mae Jemis. I know when I was learning all we talked about was Neil Armstrong. Of course this book got to him later on, but I have many space books and few mentioned the others. This really gets kids talking and questioning.

After the amazing history and introduction to these amazing Astronauts, they list some fun facts for kids. The best was the Astronaut communicating from space to family and friends home on earth. The ending of the book is amazing. It tells the kids some of the jobs that they might not be aware of like a command pilot. This really gets kids asking and wanting to learn more.

This book is great. After reading Amazing Facts about Astronauts, there is a lot of questions that kids will come up with. Some will want to know more about the first Astronauts while others are more curious as to what other foods besides great cannot be eaten in space. What every your kids take away from this, they will go out and explore more. I really love how the ending sums up how to get the job. With 1000 hours of command pilot and a special college degree, your child might become an Astronaut to.

Becoming an Austronaut is only part of the job. Exploring space is the fun. There are lots of planets and all but so far, we have only been to the moon. Don’t get me wrong, this is a huge step for mankind. That is why I will be introducing a book all about the moon to you”

Blessed Mom ( Wrote :

“This book is great. Growing up, I wanted to go to space, so that meant I would have to be an astronaut. They are some pretty amazing people. This book contains some awesome photos of astronauts and what they do in space. There are some facts in this book that interest me a lot. For example, I did not know that astronauts grow while in space and that their spines stretch. Sounds like that has to hurt. This is another great read and I know my daughter will love reading it herself. (When she does, I will be sure to come back and edit my post with her thoughts.)
As a mom, I rate this 5 out of 5 ”
Did you know that “Astro” comes from a Greek word that means “star.” “naut” comes from the word “Nautes” which means “sailor.”
In this book your kid will learn a lot about Astronauts.
The book includes great pictures ti read and see.


Where to Purchase:
Amazing Facts about Astronauts ; Children Book ; Picture Book for KIDS ; Bedtime Story ; Ages 4 – 9


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Amazing Facts About the Moon






I have read many of Dan Jackson’s books and for the most part they have been great. Even with the few faults they had, it was never a question whether I would let my kids read the book again or read it with them again. Unfortunately, this book I did and do have to question. As a home schooling parent, it is extremely important to me that a book has accurate facts. I can deal with half hazard writing, bad grammar, even bad art work in a book is manageable. But when it comes to the facts a book presents, it is very important to me that what we read and watch gives accurate information, especially since we tend to use a lot of the e-books we use as educational supplement in our home.

This book has quite a few inaccuracies that make it difficult to allow my daughter (6) to read this book by herself, and it is also hard to correct them while reading the book. My kids love the pictures and the facts that are accurate are interesting, but for me it is hard because I can’t exactly allow my kids to read the whole book by themselves and it is hard to just skip a few pages to over look the inaccuracies. This is really the first book I have read from Dan Jackson that I didn’t like so much. I think some better fact checking and it would have been a great book!


Product Description:

07.20 Mayyaada Siddique Wrote :”Basic Information about the moon”
07.18 Sarah E. Copple Wrote :”Good For Starters”
07.17 GWENETTE MOORE Wrote : “Good read!!!”

In this Amazing Facts book, we will show 20 amazing facts about the Moon.
Come and learn about the Moon- what it is, what it is made of, how it affects life on Earth, and more!

Great book for

Kindle Unlimited

Prime Members Can Download this Book for FREE


Where to Purchase: 
Childrens Book : Amazing Facts about the MOON (Great knowledge book for kids) (Ages 4 – 9)

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I Wish I Were a Shark



This book is a good book to read to my children. They love all the pictures and this book stays right on theme with “I wish I were a Shark”. The pictures are great quality and the facts in this book are interesting and fun. My daughter was able to read this book all by herself and she is a younger reader (6) so that was also good. The sentences in the book worked well and really made it clear why the dolphin wished he were a shark.

This was one of the simpler of Dan Jackson’s books I have read. My young reader was able to read it by herself, yet it was simple enough for my younger two to sit and read with us. They all loved all the great pictures of the sharks and the ways that being a shark would be “better” than a dolphin, such as have people dive to photograph him, be big, have a big tail and fast. By the time we were done reading my kids were pretending to be sharks and having a great time. Definitely a great book for younger kids and for introducing children to sharks.


Product Description:

** Amazon Prime Members can download this book for FREE! **


Sheila Greenfield wrote:

“I let my 8 year old granddaughter put this on my kindle and she thought it was great fun to read it on the kindle, I didn’t have to fight to get her to read.”

Morgan Gusman wrote :

“it is an awesome book it has cool pictures a cool picture is when the shark is teaching the fish how to swim it is a good book for kids on my first time reading it I said awesome, that’s cool, I like that picture it is one of the best books ever ! ”

Bill Falk wrote :

“Great book to read to my sleeping mom.

Meet a Dolphin who wants to be a Shark

This is Johnny. Johnny is a dolphin. He is 6 years old, some people would call him a small dolphin.
But Johnny doesn’t want to be a dolphin. He would prefer to be a SHARK.
He wants to have all the advantages that SHARKS have.

So, let’s join him on his dream.


Where to Purchase:
Childrens Book : I Wish I Were a Shark (Great Book for KIDS) Sharks Facts (Great Bedtime Story) (Animal Habitats and Books for Early/Beginner Readers 2)




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I Wish I Were a Lion



This book is not at all what you would expect it to be. In some ways that is great, and in others, it is a literary fail. It has such potential to be a great book-to make children think and imagine. And had it continued with the theme on the cover it would have made much more sense. Some of the writing made no sense at all- “I could enjoy with my cubs” for instance. It leaves you to wonder what exactly they are enjoying. To top it off, it does not stay with the same theme of “I could” or “I would” and goes from first person to third and from a first person experience to a fact plainly stated. The facts are accurate and good, but the way they were presented was half hazard at best.

None the less, my children did enjoy the pictures of the bears and the book itself. I did feel it would have fit better to have a few pictures of the fox along with the bear since the only place the fox is spotted is the cover, but my children didn’t seem to really notice at all. The facts presented make this book great for introducing children to lions and providing facts that may not have otherwise been introduced. We did learn quite a lot from this book and for that it was definitely a good book. This book would be best for those who don’t yet reading or who don’t understand the concept of “I would rather be this than that”.



Product Description:

This is Bross. Bross is a FOX. He is 7 years old.
But Bross doesn’t want to be a FOX . He would prefer to be a LION.
He wants to have all the advantages that LION have.
So, let’s join him on his dream.
Great book for Kids


Where to Purchase:
Children Book : I Wish I Were a LION (Great Picture Book for KIDS) Lion Books (Age 4 – 11) (Animal Habitats and Books for Early/Beginner Readers 8)




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Brain Fitness Shell Game



I really enjoy playing Think Fun games, and I know my children do too. The Shell Game is no exception. It is a game that my daughter can play by herself without it being too hard, yet I can just as easily play it without feeling like it is too easy. It really keeps our mind moving and supports concentration.  I have found when my daughter is having a hard time concentrating, letting her take a break to play this game helps a lot in the long run. Her attention span and concentration greatly improve after she takes the time to play for a while, and it is fun for her.

The further into the game, the harder the puzzles are and the harder it is to solve making it  challenging and causing one to really concentrate to solve it.  Some puzzles I found I could solve easier than others, and found that a few my daughter was even better at than I was. We actually “upped the stakes” a little since it is a single player game and set it up on a puzzle then timed each person (my daughter, husband, and me) and saw who could solve it the fastest and make the least mistakes. We scored it by points and had a blast with it! It was fun seeing how fast we could solve a puzzle and how well we remembered where each piece was and correctly follow each path to put the crabs and stones where they were supposed to go.

The pieces to the game are cute and make a lot of sense in design (crabs, rocks, and shells) I like the spiral bound design of the puzzles so they are easy to change and choose from, plus it can be played just about anywhere! This game would actually be a great road trip game for kids (or adults) to pass the time during the long drive. Just use a tray and you won’t have to worry about losing any pieces. It was great that both my daughter and my husband and I liked playing this game and it has been a great addition to our game collection.

Product Description: 

  • Fun exercise for your brain!
  • Improves Memory
  • Builds logic skills
  • A fun twist on a classic play pattern!
  • Includes: Spiral-bound Challenge Booklet with 60 challenges from Beginner to Expert, 6 Sea Shells, 6 Hermit Crabs, 3 Ocean Stones
The goal is not to deceive, but rather to improve your memory and logic skills so that you can win. Getting a correct solution may seem like luck, but you’ll smile knowing that it’s a good dose of brain power!

8 to adult


single player

  • 60 Spiral-bound Challenges
  • 6 Sea Shells
  • 6 Hermit Crabs
  • 3 Ocean Stones
  • Instructions & Solutions



Where to Purchase:
Brain Fitness Shell Game





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Amazing Facts about Penguins



I really liked this book, and so did my kids! It as a ton of cute penguin pictures and facts about penguins that my kids enjoyed and we all learned a lot of things about penguins. Some of those things I didn’t even know myself, even though I really do love penguins. While my daughter can not yet read this book all by herself yet (she’s in 1st) we really enjoyed reading together and we were able to learn quite a lot even in our first time reading it.

The pictures in this book are full of color and look so real, even though they are just normal illustrations. While it is 40 pages long, I found there was just the right amount presented on each page that it held all three of my kids’ attention and we were able to learn so much! My daughter loved finding out that penguins don’t have teeth and looking at the baby penguins and imagining what their downy “fur”/feathers probably feel like to the touch. I can’t wait until my daughter is able to read this book on her own and highly recommend this to parents of children 6-10 as it seems like the perfect book for that age range.



Product Description:

Thanks Carla for writing this :


“Written in a simple language that kids will understand and enjoy. Each page contains a picture and a fact. Great book for fun and knowledge. Written by Dan Jackson.
I allowed my oldest daughter, who is 8, to first take a peek at the book and told her to write down for me what she thought of it. Here are her exact words:
“_I like the book. It gives great facts about penguins. I liked the pictures of the penguins. They looked real. The baby chicks looked cute. They were black and furry. I think the book was a happy book. I like how the author wrote the book. He made it seem like someone was really teaching us those facts._”
After allowing her to read it, I finally read it myself and I am impressed. As a kid, I know I liked books that had pictures with very few words under them. The pictures are all of great quality and fun to look at. The word count on each page is great for the age range of this book. One of my favorite facts listed in the book is: “Penguins do not fear human contact.” Definitely a great read for a 4-9 year old. I know my youngest, who is 2, will enjoy having me read this to her as she loves penguins too.

Good facts about penguins. High interest and vocabulary
Written in a simple Language that Kids will understand and enjoy.
This book contains amazing Penguins pictures with great facts 
Great book for fun and knowledge 


Where to Purchase:
Children’s Book : Amazing Facts About – Penguins (Great Picture Book)(Age 4 – 9)




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Animal Tails



Everything you need to know about tails will be found in this book! Okay, so not EVERYTHING, but so much it will feel like everything. While some found this book to have too narrow a focus, I think that the narrow focus was the whole point. I did find there were quite a lot of grammar issues, but with my daughter not reading for herself fully yet I could easily fix the grammar as I read and she didn’t know the difference. The grammatical errors noted, this isn’t a book I would let my daughter read alone, because I do want to teach her proper grammar.

Grammar aside, this book is jam packed with great information and lots of colorful pictures all about tails. It explains the different uses of tails from helping the kangaroo jump to helping penguins keep balance while walking and helping other animals climb trees. It also explains the “detachable” tail and how important that is for life preservation and escaping danger. My kids enjoyed sitting around my Kindle reading this book and looking at the beautiful illustrations in the book. At points it was a little boring, but with curious kids like mine it was easy to make it interesting by taking breaks and discovering things through the pictures or discussing something like what it would be like to use a tail for warmth in winter or to have a tail that could fall off when we needed it to in order to stay safe etc.

I find that this book at 24 pages is perfect for kids of my children’s ages (2-6) and it was very educational. As a home school parent I love any opportunity to feed my kids’ brains. (and this really does!) It is an easy to read book and one my kids ask to read very often during school time or at bed time as well. I love the ability to get this special quality time with them, enjoy a moment and have fun, and also feed their minds and teach them something new. Overall Dan Jackson writes great children’s books and my kids love them, so I’m sure many, many others will too!


Product Description:

Animals Tails is not “JUST” a Book. It’s really a good book.

This book describes animals and what they do with their tails. Join us and meet the Elephant, Giraffe, Fox, Cats and more.

The book is a great book for kids to read alone or with their parents.
The book contains great animals tails pictures.

Great book for KIDS

Thank you Julia for writing this :

“One of my kids’ favorite time of day is story time right before bed. Every night, we snuggle up in my bed and read at least three stories. Sometimes we read stories about super heroes, sometimes we read stories about princesses, and sometimes we read educational books. My kids love it all. Reading has been a huge part of their life since they were born and I really believe that it has helped them develop their language, stimulate their imagination and boost their creativity.

The other day I was given a free promotional copy of the book Animal Tails by Dan Jackson. It was an ebook, so we got to read it on the ipad, which my kids are huge fans of. The book is really great. Each page is a nice quality picture of a different animals’ tail, with some text about the purpose of their tail for their species. It is clearly written and both my kids ages 4 and 2 understood it and were very interested in it. I loved that it was educational, yet interesting and I even learned some things that I didn’t know. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for some educational reading for their kids.


Animals Tails is not “JUST” a Book. It’s really a good book.



Where to Purchase:
Children Picture Book : Animals Tails (Great Book for KIDS) (Great Bedtime Story) (Animal Habitats and Books for Early/Beginner Readers 1)



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